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Au Midi








Restaurant Menu - au-midi-corp


Soupe du Jour


Veal Sweetbread
marinated with cherry, cider vinegar & soy sauce, sauté salsify alongside fresh herb sauce.


Beets & Goat Cheese Mousse Salad
with apple vinaigrette dressing and basil-lemon infused apple.


Raviole of French Snails
Japanese dough cooked with mushroom with an emulsion of garlic and Parmesan.


Spring Mix Sweet Green Salad



Couscous of Quinoa
turnip, chick peas, peas, carrot, raisin & fava bean cooked with Moroccan spices


Pappardelle Provencale
artichoke stew reduced with white wine, lemon and celery juice


Skuna Bay Salmon
leeks, shallots & cilantro sauce with Yukon Potatoes & carrot puree


Mue's Mussels
mussels from California with fresh tomatoes, cream, brandy, basil & garlic


Braised halibut
in a lemongrass and ginger emulsion, potato cloud with shitake mushrooms with a raviole of sweet fennel & tomatoes comfit


Daube Provencale
beef stew marinated with wine & cognac, Brussels sprout, carrot, pearl onion and fingerling potatoes


Duck Magret
maple duck breast, honey and rosemary sauce, fennel flavor purée, oyster mushrooms & pine nuts.


Organic chicken breast
wrapped with bacon, with stuffed Conchiglie pasta, butternut squash and apricot mousseline served with a cuttlefish sauce reduced with orange, lime and caper


Filet Mignon
Morel & Madeira wine sauce with a tart of thin sliced potatoes



French Apple Pie
Thin sliced golden apple, puff pastry, almond cream & gingerbread ice cream.


Floating Island
Vanilla custard "Crème Anglaise" with a floating meringue of white egg & Caramel.


Chocolate and ginger mousse
Lemon & ginger ganache, chocolate dough,creme brulee & light biscuit with nuts.


Vanilla Panna cotta
Topped with rhubarb jelly, basil infused strawberry with granite.


Dessert Wines

Ferreira Porto
10 years Dona Antonia Reserve.


Beaume de Venise.


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7960 Soquel Dr
Aptos, CA

TODAY 5:30pm - 9:00pm

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THU 5:30pm - 9:00pm
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