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Earthbound Farm Stand








Restaurant Menu - earthbound-farm-organic-kitchen

Organic Salads

Blueberry Quinoa Protein Balance
put the power and flavor of baby spinach, quinoa & dried blueberries on your plate for complete taste satisfaction. high in vitamins a and c, plus folate, protein and fiber

Cranberry Wheat Protein Boost
nutrition never tasted so good with mixed baby greens, whole grains, dried cranberries and more. sweet tart yum! packed with vitamins a and c, plus iron, protein and fiber

Tomatillo Black Bean Protein Energy
baby lettuces, black bean & corn salad, 5-seed corn strips & more make a healthy, zesty way to power up your plate. high in vitamins a and c, plus iron, protein and fiber.

Mixed Baby Kales
fresh, delicious baby leaves tender enough for salads and perfect in recipes, no prep required. 5 oz clamshell

Fresh Herb Salad
to our basic mixed baby greens blend, we add fresh parsley, dill, and cilantro for a burst of herbal flavors. 5 oz clamshell, 11 oz clamshell, 1 lb clamshell, 4 oz bag

Baby Romaine
organic red and green baby romaine leaves.5 oz clamshell, 11 oz clamshell, 1 lb clamshell, 4 oz bag

Baby Lettuces
a blend of milder baby lettuces. 5 oz clamshell , 5 oz bag

Baby Spinach
tender young leaves perfect for salads and recipes. 5 oz clamshell , 5 oz bag

Baby Spinach Value Pack
larger quantities of our baby spinach in value-sized containers. 11 oz clamshell , 1 lb clamshell

Half & Half Blend
two tender and tasty favorites combined: mixed baby greens (spring mix) and baby spinach. 5 oz clamshell , 1 lb clamshell

also called curly endive, these lacy leaves add fresh flavor and sophisticated texture to hot or cold recipes. 5 oz clamshell

Frisee Blend
an intriguing combination of curly frisee, peppery arugula, and colorful radicchio. 5 oz clamshell

Baby Arugula
tender young leaves, perfect flavor accents in salads and recipes. 5 oz clamshell , 5 oz bag

Baby Arugula Blend
a flavorful, colorful combination of young arugula, frisee, and radiccchio. 5 oz clamshell

Italian Salad
colorful romaine and radicchio. 10 oz bag

Fancy Romaine Salad
a delicious combination of colors and textures: romaine, frisee, radicchio, and carrots. 8 oz bag

Hearts Of Romaine
prewashed chopped romaine, a perfect base for all kinds of salads. 10 oz bag , 2 lb bag

Bibb Lettuce Leaves
whole leaves of flavorful red or green bibb lettuce, delicious in salads or on sandwiches. 7 oz clamshell

Butter Lettuce Leaves
tender whole leaves of red or green butter lettuce, trimmed and ready to use. 6 oz clamshell

Heirloom Lettuce Leaves
whole leaves of red and green heirloom lettuces, perfect for salads, wraps, and garnishes. 7 oz clamshell

Caesar Salad Kit
caesar salad kit its easy to add a delicious classic caesar to your familys meal with this complete kit, including crisp organic romaine, tangy organic shaved parmesan, seasoned organic multigrain croutons (from our farm stand recipe), and creamy organic caesar dressing (so rich youd never guess its reduced-calorie). 10.75 oz bag

Organic Harvest Blend
tangy dried cranberries, crunchy walnuts, and mixed baby greens add your favorite dressing and enjoy

Organic California Blend
plump dried blueberries and crispy sliced almonds with baby spinach just add your favorite dressing

Baby Spinach
tender young leaves perfect for salads and recipes: 5 oz clamshel, 5 oz bag

Baby Spinach Blend
a delicious combination of young spinach, arugula, and radicchio: 5 oz clamshell

Fresh Spinach
prewashed spinach leaves ideal for all kinds of recipes: 9 oz bag

California Blend
plump dried blueberries and crispy sliced almonds with tender baby spinach: 4.9 oz clamshell

Organic Vegetables

colorful beets are delicious cooked or raw, hot or cold, and theyre high in vitamin c, folate, fiber, and antioxidants. red, gold, and chioggia (candystripe) varieties available individually or in bunches with greens attached.

versatile broccoli is delicious raw or cooked, and its packed with so many complex nutrients that its often called a superfood. broccoli is an excellent source of vitamins a, c, and k, as well as folate and fiber. available year-round in bunches and crowns

this broccoli-chinese kale cross is subtly sweet, with a flavor like asparagus. perfect in stir-fries, delicately crunchy on raw crudite platters, and packed with vitamins a and c. available year-round in bunches or an 8-ounce traypack.

Mini Peeled Carrots
these snack-size carrots are perfect for healthy snacks, lunches, even for saving kitchen prep time. available year-round in 1- or 2-pound value packs.

Bunched And Cello Carrots
flavorful organic carrots are high in vitamins a, c, and k, plus fiber and the antioxidants beta carotene and lutein. available year-round in bunches or cello packs.

low in calories, cauliflower is delicious cooked or raw, and it's an excellent source of vitamin c and dietary fiber. individual wrapped heads available year-round.

this kitchen staple adds flavor and texture to a wide variety of dishes, and its an excellent source of vitamins c and k. available year-round in cello bags of full-size bunch celery or trimmed celery hearts. recipe ideas nutrition facts product storage

crunchy and nutritious cucumbers offer great fresh flavor along with vitamin c, vitamin a, potassium, dietary fiber, and magnesium.

zucchinis refreshingly light flavor is low in calories and delicious in recipes hot and cold.

bulb onions can be used in almost every type of food, and theyre a very good source of vitamin c, dietary fiber, and antioxidants. red and yellow onions are available in 3-pound mesh bags year-round.

Green Onions
delicious and mild, green onions are often used raw, but they add a colorful accent to sautes and stir-fry dishes. available year-round in 4.5-ounce or 5.5-ounce resealable poly bags.

in addition to its signature flavor and aroma, garlic is known for a wide range of beneficial health effects. available year-round in 3-ounce mesh bags.

tangy cilantro brings fresh flavor and bright color to many cuisines. available year-round in bunches, or pre-washed and trimmed in a convenient 2-ounce bag.

Italian Parsley
flavorful italian parsley is wonderfully versatile in hot or cold dishes. available year-round in bunches

fennel gives a mild, sweet licorice flavor to recipes. available year-round in bunches.

Petite Heirloom Lettuces
four whole little heads two green, two red of sweet, tender and crisp heirloom varieties, delicious in salads and perfect for sandwiches, wraps and more

Romaine Hearts
this sweet, crisp heart of organic romaine is trimmed and packed in the field (not pre-washed)

Iceberg Lettuce
crunchy, mild iceberg is one of the most familiar ingredients in american salad bowls.

Red Potatoes
red-skinned potatoes hold their shape well, making them ideal in salads and soups.

Russet Potatoes
russets bake exceptionally well, and their high starch content yields fluffy mashed potatoes and french fries

Yellow Potatoes
the buttery flavor of organic yellow potatoes adds a wonderful depth of flavor to most potato recipes

Garnet And Jewel Yams
these versatile sweet potatoes are excellent sources of vitamins and fiber

round slicer tomatoes, red cherry tomatoes , grape tomatoes , roma tomatoes

enjoy the fresh, delicate herbal flavor of asparagus any number of ways, stir-fried or grilled, roasted or steamed even pickled! its packed with important nutrients, too, including fiber, protein, vitamins, iron, and antioxidants.

Bell Peppers
raw or cooked, fresh bell peppers are delicious in many kinds of recipes, and theyre an excellent source of vitamins a and c. available individually in season, july through april.

Carrot Dippers
crunchy organic mini carrots and creamy ranch dip are combined in perfect proportions for convenient, healthy snacks. available year-round in packs of three.

Carrot Snack Packs
these smaller portions of crunchy organic mini carrots are a convenient way to add taste and nutrition to lunch bags an easy snack option, too.

Organic Fruit

Apple Slices
crisp, juicy, and ready to enjoy. available seasonally in 2-ounce snack-size bags (packed 5 to a clamshell) or 12-ounce family bags,

Whole Apples
flavorful fuji, red or golden delicious, gala, and granny smith varieties are available individually or in 3-pound poly bags

tangy lemons available as individual fruit or in 2-pound mesh bags

Valencia And Navel Oranges
sweet valencia and navel oranges available as individual fruit or in 3- or 4-pound mesh bags

juicy grapefruit available as individual fruit or in 4-pound mesh bags

Ambrosia Cantaloupe
sweet, fragrant european-style melons with deeply grooved skin that turns golden when ripe. delicious on antipasto, cheese, and dessert plates.

individual fresh cantaloupe when ripe, it has a pleasant, almost floral aroma

fresh avocados, 3 in a mesh bag. nutrient-rich, high in fiber, and delicious in salsas, sandwiches, salads, and dressings

Red And Green Seedless Grapes
sweet, colorful seedless grapes are great recipe ingredients, perfect portable snacks, and good sources of vitamin c.

fresh, whole organic pears are amazingly versatile as delicious in recipes as for simple out-of-hand snacking

few fruits can match the sheer delight of sweet organic strawberries.

juicy organic blueberries are a special treat, packed with antioxidants. available seasonally in protective

flavorful organic kiwis are available as individual fruit or in 1-pound poly bags. their sweet-tart taste is refreshing and exotic.

delicious and nutritious, organic plums are a good low-calorie source of vitamins a and c, plus dietary fiber

sweet, juicy peaches are not only a signature of summer, they're full of vitamins a and c, niacin, potassium, and fiber.

nectarines are peaches' fuzz-free cousins, with a luscious texture and tangy-sweet flavor, plus vitamins a and c.

Summer Sweetie Seedless Personal Watermelons
juicy flesh, sweet flavor, a thin rind, and convenient size make summer sweeties perfect for anytime, anywhere enjoyment. available seasonally, july through october.

individual fresh honeydew melon its rind will feel almost velvety when its ripe. available seasonally, june through october.

Organic Dried Fruit

Dried Mangos
delightfully sweet and chewy, a delicious and nutritious treat with no added sugar.

Dried Cranberries
sweet-tart and delicious in everything from simple snacks to elegant recipes

Dried Plums
moist and sweet, great in all kinds of recipes or delicious on their own

moist and delectable, their exotic sweetness is wonderful for cooking or snacking

Thompson Seedless Raisins
a favorite chewy treat for all ages, perfect for snacking, cooking, or baking.

Premium Jumbo Raisins
these extra-plump, extra-large flame or thompson seedless raisins will spoil you! delicious for snacking, cooking, or baking. available in 10-ounce resealable canisters.

Thompson Seedless Raisins Mini Packs
perfect for childrens snacks or school lunchboxes. available in 14-count bags of 0.5-ounce mini packs.

Thompson Seedless Raisins Snack Boxes
conveniently sized for lunchbags, briefcases, backpacks, or gym bags. available in 6-packs of 1.5-ounce snack boxes.

Organic Snacks

Carrot Dippers
crunchy carrots and creamy ranch dip are paired in perfect proportions as healthy, delicious snacks

Carrot Snack Packs
snack-size portions of crunchy, sweet carrots are perfect for lunch bags

Thompson Seedless Raisins Snack Boxes
conveniently sized for lunchbags, briefcases, backpacks, or gym bags. available in packs of 6, 1.5-ounce snack boxes.

Thompson Seedless Raisins Mini Packs
perfect for childrens snacks or lunchboxes

Dried Fruit In Gusseted Bags
moist, chewy, and delightfully sweet, our organic dried fruits are perfect in recipes or as healthy, satisfying on-the-go snacks.

Apple Slices
the most convenient way to get your apple-a-day! these apple slices are always crisp, always delicious.

Organic Cookies & Granola

Ginger Snaps
organic ginger snaps explode with real ginger flavor and a crisp, delicate texture

Lemon Snaps
organic lemon snaps have a unique, delicious flavor with a burst of crystallized ginger.

Maple Almond Granola
organic maple almond granola blends the flavor of rich maple syrup with toasted almonds, chewy raisins, and crunchy oats

Cranberry Pecan Granola
organic cranberry pecan granola is a delicious mix of tasty pecans, tangy cranberries, crunchy oats, and just a hint of orange

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