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Our mission at ÔÇ£The MenuÔÇØ is to provide exemplary service to our guests along with delicious organic artisan Indian cuisine, captivating fine wines, delicious crafted beer and an eclectic calendar of quality live entertainment. Another very important aspect of our mission is establishing ÔÇ£The MenuÔÇØ as an outstanding member and hands on participant within our local communities of Mountain View, Los Altos and Palo Alto by supporting local schools and charitable organizations with fund raising and nutritional food programs. It is our ultimate mission to become a ÔÇ£Top TenÔÇØ award winning ÔÇ£destinationÔÇØ for Wining, Dining and Entertainment here in the Northern California Bay area more popularly known as innovative ÔÇ£Silicon ValleyÔÇØ home to Google, Facebook, Tesla Motors and prestigious Stanford University to name only a few.
The Story of ÔÇ£The MenuÔÇØ
ÔÇ£The MenuÔÇØ is an active member of the ÔÇ£Organic MovementÔÇØ in fine cuisine. Once every hundred years it seems a new generation of visionaries gather to affect the nature of the world in which they live. ÔÇ£The MenuÔÇØ has chosen Silicon Valley to ply our wares among other like minded innovators. Our grand ambition is to effectively platform within our community of ÔÇ£Movers and ShakersÔÇØ the wholesome qualities of organic foods thru the presentation of the delicious ÔÇ£Artisan Cuisine of IndiaÔÇØ in hope to thereby further the knowledge of the ultimate healthy benefits of living more organically which in turn influences a healthy sustainable environment.
The name ÔÇ£The MenuÔÇØ is a play on words as every restaurant has one. The indication is that we are a unique presentation with you in mind. This is in fact true. Where else can you sample in one location the vast array of ÔÇ£Artisan Cuisine of IndiaÔÇØ featuring time honored favorites plus obscure never before obtainable dishes from the Northern, Central and Southern regions. Many dishes you will know and many you will not until you have discovered them here with us. ÔÇ£The MenuÔÇØ facility spans 10,000 square feet. The main areas are the Dining Room, our Wine bar Lounge featuring a full stage and flat screens and our expansive Banquette Hall Conference Room. There are additionally two intimate dining areas for Corporate or Private entertaining.





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Popular Items

Most popular appetizer in the Indian subcontinent made by filling spiced potatoe and peas in fried or baked pastry.


Gobi Manchurian
A popular Indo Chinese appetizer made with deep fried cauliflower mixed with curried spices and sauce.


Chicken ‘65’
Chicken pieces marinated and cooked in a combination of hot spices.


Palak Paneer
A delectable combination of fresh spinach and Indian cheese (paneer) cooked with herbs and spices.


Butter Chicken
Traditional Indian non-veg dish: chicken cooked in a buttery tomato sauce.


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January 14, 2014

Good place to get organic food.

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