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American Grocery Restaurant








Restaurant Menu - american-grocery-restaurant


Charcuterie & Cheese with accompaniments
choose one of each from selections below; each unless otherwise noted


Timberock Heritage Chicken Velouté
hakurei turnips, sea island pea noodles


Smoked Trout Brandade
Lusty Monk mustard aioli, house pickles, sourdough toast


Crispy Veal Sweetbread
johnny cake, red wine braised cabbage, butternut squash hash, apple sauce


Miso Glazed Pork Belly
boiled peanut hummus, kimchi, tare, crispy leeks


House made Ricotta Gnudi
foraged mushrooms, musquee de provence velouté, fig vincotto


Crispy Farm Egg
crowder pea-farrotto verde, house pancetta, local kale



Mixed Greens
butternut squash, spiced chickpeas, pistachio vinaigrette, parmesan


Grilled Romaine
house bacon lardons, marinated bean salad, smokey blue cheese dressing


Massaged Kale
ricotta-stuffed piquillo, olives, pepitas, paprika vinaigrette



Cornmeal Crusted Sunburst Trout
charred sweet potato, collards Edna, pecan aillade, ham hock


North Carolina Flounder
mussels, fingerling potatoes, melted leeks, fall greens, sauce américaine


Confit of Local Rabbit
turnips, house made gnocchi, wild mushrooms, arugula, sauce moutarde


Braised Beef Tongue
charred onion spaetzle, smoked tomato cream


Salt Crusted Grass-Fed Ribeye
potato purée, onion soubise, red wine jus


Chef's Selection of Local Seasonal Vegetables



Honey Fried Chicken Skins


Fried Deviled Egg


Black Pepper Biscuits
house made jam add bacon jam


Vegetable Fritters


Artisanal Cheese

Four Fat Fowl Creamery 'St. Stephen' with pepitas
cow's milk, triple- cream with buttery & milky overtones with mushroom and grassy notes

Goat Lady Dairy 'Smokey Mountain Round' with maldon & arbequina oil
pasteurized goat's milk; hand-formed & dried, lightly smoked over applewood; slightly woody aroma & flavor

Sweet Grass Dairy 'Asher Blue' with fig jam
pasteurized cow's milk; meaty, earthy blue cheese with a creamy texture and hints of toast

Sartori 'Espresso BellaVitano' with bourbon cherries
pasteurized cow's milk; roasted espresso hand-rubbed onto the rind; nutty, cheddar-meets-parmesan flavor with a roasty depth of coffee

Idiazabal with tapenade
raw sheep's milk cheese with smoky flavor and hints of caramel and bacon

Sweet Grass Dairy 'Green Hill' Camembert with salted pecans
pasteurized cow's milk; mild, double-crème Camembert with a mildly sweet, buttery flavor & soft texture


Smoked Trout Paté
house smoked from NC trout; spreadable

Country Paté
house made from local pork; classic course-style with dried cherries

Rabbit Liver Mousse
house made from local rabbit livers; smooth & mild texture & flavor

Potted Rabbit Rillette
house made confit of local rabbit tenderloin; shredded & covered with thin layer of fat


Trio of Housemade Sorbets / Ice Creams


Peanut Butter and Jelly Profiteroles


Sticky Toffee Pudding
cinnamon ice cream


Frozen Espresso Soufflé
vanilla caramel, orange scented cream, cocoa nibs, candied orange peel


Devil's Food Cake
mint chantilly, chocolate mint ice cream, meringue


Apple Pecan Crumble
vanilla ice cream


Flight of three Inniskillin Icewines
each paired with Chef's Selection of Dessert Accompaniments


Dessert Wines & Spirits

Stickies/ Port

Moscato d'Asti, Villa Rosa

Brachetto / Moscato d'Asti, Elio Perrone 'Bigaro'

Semillion/Sauv. Blanc, Chateau Gaudiet 'Loupiac' 2009 FR

Ruby Port NV, Niepoort

LBV Port 2008, Quinta do Crasto

20 yr. Tawny Port, Ferreira

Pedro Ximénez Sherry, Alvear Solera 1927

Icewines, Inniskillin - Vidal / Riesling / Cabernet Franc

Dessert Cocktails

'Kubrick' - Bulleit Bourbon, Averna Amaro, espresso, vanilla simple syrup, dusted rim

'Hot Buttered Rum' - Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, spiced butter, hot water

Single Malt Scotch

Glenlivet 12 yr.

Highland Park 15 yr.

Small Batch Bourbon / Rye

Small Batch Bourbon / Rye
Please refer to our Cocktail Menu for a complete list

Sipping Rum

Pyrat XO Reserve

Pampero Aniversario Añejo


Bottega Limoncello

Romano Sambucca

St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur

Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur

Averna Amaro

Fernet Branca

Green Chartreuse

Yellow Chartreuse

Coffee & Tea

Leopard Forest Coffee Co.

Espresso / Cappuccino / Latte, etc.

Fresh Mint Tea, served hot

Assorted Teas

Four Course Prix Fixe

Course 1 - Mixed Greens
butternut squash, spiced chickpeas, pistachio vinaigrette, Split Creek Farms feta. Suggested Wine Pairing: Sancerre AOC, Dom. de la Rossignole 2012 Loire, France

Course 2 - Cornmeal Crusted Sunburst Trout
charred sweet potato, collards Edna, pecan aillade, ham hock . Suggested Wine Pairing: Torrentes, Colome 2012 Valle Calchaqui, Salta, Argentina

Course 3 - Braised Beef Tongue
charred onion spaetzle, smoked tomato cream. Suggested Wine Pairing: Cabernet Sauvignon, Tangley Oaks 2011 Napa County, CA

Course 4 - Frozen Espresso Soufflé
vanilla caramel, orange scented cream, cocoa nibs, candied orange peel. Suggested Wine Pairing: Villa Rosa Moscato d'Asti NV Piedmont, Italy

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732 S Main St
Greenville, SC