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Smoothie King






CATEGORY: Restaurants & Cafes


Restaurant Menu - smoothie-king-343

All Smoothies - Stay Healthy

Blueberry Heaven

Cranberry Cooler

Cranberry Supreme

Hearty Apple

Immune Builder

Kiwi Island Treat

Mangosteen Madness

Orange Ka-bam

Organic Apple Acai

Pomegranate Punch

Yerba Mate - Mango

Yerba Mate - Mixed Berry

Yerba Mate - Pomegranate

All Smoothies - Trim Down

Angel Food

Blackberry Dream

Celestial Cherry High

Island Impact

Island Treat

Low-carb Banana

Low-carb Chocolate

Low-carb Strawberry

Low-carb Vanilla


Muscle Punch

Muscle Punch Plus

Passion Passport

Peach Slice

Pineapple Pleasure

Raspberry Collider

Raspberry Sunrise

The Shredder - Chocolate

The Shredder - Strawberry

The Shredder - Vanilla

Slim-n-trim Chocolate

Slim-n-trim Orange-vanilla

Slim-n-trim Strawberry

Slim-n-trim Vanilla

Strawberry Kiwi Breeze

Youth Fountain

All Smoothies - Get Energy

Acai Adventure

Coffee Smoothie Caramel

Coffee Smoothie Mocha

Coffee Smoothie Vanilla

Go Goji

Green Tea Tango

Instant Vigor

Pep Upper

Power Punch

Power Punch Plus

Super Punch

Super Punch Plus

All Smoothies - Shape Up

The Activator Chocolate

The Activator Strawberry

The Activator Vanilla


High Protein Almond Mocha

High Protein Banana

High Protein Chocolate

High Protein Lemon

High Protein Pineapple

The Hulk Chocolate

The Hulk Strawberry

The Hulk Vanilla

Power Meal

All Smoothies - Snack Right

Banana Berry Treat

Berry Punch

Caribbean Way

Cherry Picker

Fruit Fusion

Grape Expectations

Grape Expectations Ii

Lemon Twist Banana

Lemon Twist Strawberry

Light & Fluffy

Peach Slice Plus

Pineapple Surf

Strawberry X-treme

All Smoothies - Indulge

Banana Boat

Coconut Surprise


Mo'cuccino Vanilla

Mocuccino Caramel

Mocuccino Mocha

Peanut Power

Peanut Power Plus Chocolate

Peanut Power Plus Grape

Peanut Power Plus Strawberry

Pina Colada Island


Yogurt D-lite

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3723 19th Street
Lubbock, TX