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Cadwalladers Cafe






CATEGORY: Restaurants & Cafes


Restaurant Menu - cadwalladers-cafe

Soups And Salads

House Salad
of organic mixed leaves, mandarin oranges, golden raisins, red onion vinaigrette


Belgium Endive Sald
roquefort cheese, roasted pecans, fresh pear, ffig dressing


Fried Green Tomatoes Panzanellsalad
pesto dressing roquette, goat cheese drizzle


Lumb Crab Cakes Salad
with mango salsa, chipotle orange remoulade


American Lobster Bisque
butter sweet corn and poached lobster


Baby Organic Spinach
sundried cranberries, raisns, goat chese medallions, cranberry vinaigrette


Warm Salad
of pan seared sea scallops, andouille sausage, carmalized local peaches, mixed organic greens



Center Cut
bllack angus filet mignon, wild mushroom reduction, sweet garlic creamed potatoes, seasonal vetetable


Creamy Parmesian
riosotto wild americn shrimp and bay scallops, artichoke hearts, asparagus, tomatoes in a white wine sauce


Empura Citrus
soft shell crab, asian cabbage slaw, mustard kim chee, sweet chili and ponzu dressing


Parmesan Mustard
crusted center cut berkshire pork chop, sun-dried tomato mash potato, mediterrean vegetables, pesto jus


Hand Made Pappardella Pasta
with roasted mediterrean vegetables, charred asparagus, cherry tomato fondue, fresh parmesan


Rabbit Sausage
blue cheese creamy polenta, crispy beets, red oinion gravy


Blacken North Carolina
tilefish fillet, charred asparagus, wilted organic spinach, stone ground grits, summer tomato chutney


Char Grilled Veal T-bone
creamed parsnip mash potatoes, garlic broccolini, red onion marmalade, bourbon peach sauce



Local Peach And Blueberry Crostado
with brown sugar ice cream

Chocolate Dessert On The Day

Lemon And Verbena Panna Cotta
with blackberry sauce

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106 Davis Road
Martinez, GA