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Siamese Thai Cuisine






CATEGORY: Restaurants & Cafes, Food Stores & Markets


Restaurant Menu - siamese-thai-cuisine


Chicken On Fire
bar. b. q. chicken served with garlic sauce

Chicken Or Beef Or Pork Satay
thai bar. b. q. meat on skewers served with peanut sauce and cucumber salads.

Honey Ribs
bar. b. q spare ribs served with home made honey sauce.

Mee Krob
sweet crispy noodles with shrimps, chicken and bean sprouts.

Golden Fried Shrimps
deep fried shrimps roll with bacon served with garlic sauce.

Egg Rolls
mixed vegetables and bean threads rolls up in egg roll skin. deep fried served with plum sauce

Karee Pup
deep fried wonton skin wrapped with spicy ground chicken.

you will get fried shrimps, karee pup, and egg rolls.

Golden Wings
stuffed with ground chicken, bean thread, deep fried served with cucumber sauce and ground peanut

Kung Ka Borg
deep fried shrimps wrapped wide wonton skin served with spicy garlic sauce.


War Wonton
with shrimp, chicken and vegetables.

Silver Noodles
with chicken, black mushrooms and vegetables.

Spicy & Sour Shrimp*
medium spicy with lemon grass and straw mushrooms.

Spicy & Sour Chicken*
medium spicy with lemon grass and straw mushrooms

Coconut Shrimp*
medium spicy with galanga, chili, lime juice and straw mushrooms

Coconut Chicken*
medium spicy with galanga, chili, lilme juice and straw mushrooms

Spicy & Sour Seafood*
medium spicy shrimps, squid, crab, mussel and lemon grass

Kang Som Seafood*
medium spicy shrimps, squid, crab, mussed with hot and sour curry seafood and vegetables.


Thai Salad
vegetable and hard boiled egg with peanut dressing

Shrimp Salad*
medium spicy with roasted curry paste.

Squid Salad*
medium spicy with roasted curry, paste, onion, cilantro and lime dressing.

Roasted Duck Salad*
medium spicy with roasted carry paste and lime dressing.

Silver Noodles Salad*
medium spicy with shrimp, chicken and black mushroom in spicy lime.

Great Salad*
with shrimp, chicken and vegetable in lime dressing.

Beef Salad*
medium spicy grilled beef with mixed vegetables its spicy lime juice dressing.

Neam Sohd*
medium spicy chicken seasoned with ginger, onion and peanut in spicy lime dressing.

medium spicy ground pork or beef or chicken with, onion and rice powder in spicy lime dressing.


Choice Of Pork Of Beef Or Chicken

Choice Of Shrimps

Choice Of Vegetarian

Pad Thai
long noodles with bean sprouts and ground peanuts and eggs.

Pad See You
flat noodles with broccoli and sweet black sauce.

Pad Rad Nah
flat noodles topped with broccoli and gravy sauce.

Kai Koow
flat noodles with squid and chicken, egg and ground peanuts

Pad Kee Maow*
medium spicy spicy thai style noodles with basil leaves, green chili and onions.

Chow Mein
egg noodles with vegetables. and sesame oil


Cashew Nut Chicken*
medium spicy sauteed in roasted curry paste with water chestnut, cashew nut.

Honey Ducking
duck marinated in honey and pepper garlic sauce, roasted and deep fried to crispy served with honey sauce.

''siamese'' Steak
served with spicy sauce in hot dish

''siamese'' Duckling
roasted duck sauteed with vegetables, mushroom, ginger and gravy sauce.

''siamese'' Chicken
chicken marinated in pepper garlic sauce, deep fried.

Pineapple Curry*
medium spicy with shrimp, pineapple, coconut milk and red curry sauce.

Pad Tow Hu
sauteed fried tofu, bean sprout, green onion and bell pepper

Red Bean Curry*
medium spicy with shrimps and green bean sauteed in prawn paste sauce.

Papaya Salad*
medium spicy green papayas are slices into thin strips and ground together with dried shrimps, garlic, and hot chilies to produce a firely called "som tum"

Mango Salad*
green mango with roasted coconut meat, cashew nuts, chicken and shrimps.

Tow Hu Tod
deep fried tofu served with spicy garlic sauce and peanut.

Thai Curries

Roasted Duck Curry*
red curry with sliced tomatoes, pineapple, sweet basil and coconut milk.

Kang Ka Ree*
medium spicy with potatoes and onions in yellow curry with coconut milk.

Kang Mus-mun*
medium spicy with peanuts and potatoes in mus-man curry with coconut milk.

Kang Ped*
medium spicy with sliced bamboo shots, peas and carrots in red curry with coconut milk.

medium spicy roasted curry with coconut milk and sweet basil.

Kang Keow Warn*
medium spicy with bamboo shoot, pea and carrot, egg plant, green curry in coconut milk.

Stir - Fried Dishes

Choice Of Pork Or Beef Or Chicken

Choice Of Shrimps

Choice Of Vegetarian

with oyster sauce.

Silver Noodle
with tomatoes, black mushrooms, onion and eggs

Baby Corn
with oyster sauce and mushrooms

Bell Peppers*
medium spicy with garlic, chili sauce and water chestnuts.

Ginger Roots
with yellow bean sauce and black mushrooms.

Straw Mushrooms
with oyster sauce and onion.

Basil Leaves*
medium spicy with spicy sauce, onion and green chili.

Green Beens*
medium spicy with red curry paste.

Garlic Peppers
with ground garlic and black peppers and sweet black sauce.

Sweet & Sour
with cucumber, tomatoes, bell peppers, pineapples and onions.

Mixed Vegetables
with oyster sauce.

medium spicy with spicy sauce and basil leaves.


Poo-op Mor Din
pot special of crab with silver noodles and black mushrooms.

Kung-op Mor Din
pot special of shrimp with silver nodles & black mushroom

Steam Fish
red snapper steamed with ginger and vegetable.

Kung Prik Paow*
medium spicy pan fried shrimps with butter curry sauce.

Muk Kra Tiem
stir fried marinated squid with garlic and peppers.

Muk Kung Prik*
medium spicy spicy squid, shrimps and basil leaves sauteed in oyster

Pla Song Krueng
deep fried fish topped with bamboo shoots, mushrooms and ginger

Pla Rad Prik*
medium spicy deep fried fish topped with spicy curry sauce.

Combination Seafood*
medium spicy shrimps, squid, crab, mussel sauteed in curry paste with ginger.

Sweet & Sour Fish
deep fried fish topped with sweet & sour sauce and bell pepper, onions, and pineapples

Steamed Mussels*
medium spicy served with thai spicy sauce

Pla Dok Pad Ped*
medium spicy crispy catfish satuteed with curry sauce and basil leaves.

medium spicy steamed curry with napa, mussels and curry paste.

Jumbo Shrimp Garlic And Pepper
jumbo shrimps marinated with garlic and black pepper.

Jumbo Shrimp Curry*
medium spicy with combo seafood squid, clab, mussels, shrimp and bamboo shoot in red curry and coconut milk

Scallop & Shrimp*
medium spicy with basil leave, onion, green chili in spicy oyster sauce.

Rice Dishes

Pinepple Fried Rice
with shrimps, chicken and cashew nut baked in pineapple shell just before serving

Crab Fried Rice
with peas, carrots and eggs.

Choice Of Pork Or Beef Or Chicken

Choice Of Shrimps

Choice Of Vegetarian

Spicy Fried Rice*
medium spicy with chili and basil leaves.

Thai Fried Rice
with tomatoes, peas, carrots and egg.

Yellow Curry Fried Rice
with peas, carrots, tomatoes, green onion and yellow curry powder.

Siamese Desserts

Sweet Sticky Rice With Mango

Coconut Ice Cream

Pineapple Ice Cream

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