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If you are looking for top quality organic restaurants, Seattle locals can take advantage of the great tool that is We provide listings for many of the organic eateries that are scattered throughout the area. Our platform makes it easier for eaters to find organic restaurants in Seattle that they will love. We are passionate about organic food, and we aim to make the process of promoting and finding organic restaurants, Seattle and beyond, easier.

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Have you ever struggled to find good organic restaurants in Seattle? If you have, you will agree that this is not a very fun experience. Organic food is great in every way, but fit it happens to be difficult to find and obtain, the experience becomes much less enjoyable. At, our goal is to make finding and promoting Seattle organic restaurants a breeze. Our easy-to-use website provides convenient listings for all types of organic food vendors. From food trucks and farmers markets, to breweries and restaurants, we can help locals find places that they will love to eat. Each of our items is listed with our Organic Listing meter, which helps users tell exactly how “organic” certain restaurants are. We know that there is a big difference between restaurants being completely organic, and restaurants that offer only a few organic items. Our meter lets users know clearly how “organic” a restaurant is, and whether or not they would be interested in the food options they provide. Our meter ratings are chosen by members of our community who actually visit each location, providing an accurate, and constantly moderated representation of the restaurants’ offerings. By checking out our listings, you can gain the advantage of knowing what to expect from organic restaurants in Seattle, before going out and trying them yourself. If you are interested in organic food, utilizing our site is a no-brainer. Check out our frequently asked questions page if you are still wondering about what we have to offer.

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