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Papa G's Vegan Organic Deli





CATEGORY: Restaurants & Cafes, Food Delivery Service

TAGS: Salad Bar, Sandwiches, Tacos, Nachos, and Raw Options, Local Beers and Ciders, in Portland, OR, Vegan Friendly, Vegetarian Friendly, Gluten Free, Delivery

Restaurant Menu - papa-gs-deli

Organic Appetizers

Organic Raw Sun Cheeze Plate
organic raw onion bread, lots fresh veggies for dipping, and our delicious house-made organic raw sunflower seed cheeze


Organic Tempeh Strips
savory organic baked surata tempeh strips with choice of our delicious house-made dipping sauce


Organic Sandwiches - Soups - Salad Bar

Vegan Organic Salad Bar
our salad bar is 100% organic. all of our produce is sourced from local, certified organic farms. all of our delicious salad dressings are housemade


House-made Organic Soups
check the board for our soup flavors


Organic “killer” Tempeh Reuben
dave’s “killer” rye bread, piled high with seasoned surata tempeh strips, 1000 island dressing, and house-made sauerkraut. served with organic corn chips


Organic Tofu Dog
organic wheat bun, tofu dog with ketchup, mustard, and onion

Add Chili
Add House-made Notcho Cheeze
Add Kraut

Organic Taco
taco shell, taco tofu, mixed greens, salsa


Organic Raw Collard Roll
local collard leaf, sunflower cheeze, shredded carrots


Organic Raw Sun Cheeze Sandwich
house-made organic raw onion bread, sunflower cheeze, shredded fresh carrots, mixed greens. served with a side of raw deli salad


Organic House Favorites

Organic Nachos
organic corn chips, house-made salsa, local corn, gluten-free nacho cheeze

Add Taco Tofu, Black Beans Or Chili (each)

Organic Taco Plate
two organic crunchy tacos with taco tofu and mixed greens served with organic seasoned black beans, jasmine brown rice and house-made salsa

Add Notcho Cheeze

Organic Ty Plate
savory seasoned surata tempeh smothered in our organic peanut sauce with raw carrot and cabbage slaw served with black beans and brown rice


Organic Curry Bowl
our signature vegetable tofu coconut curry served over organic brown rice. make it a plate: by adding coconut greens or smash

Make It A Plate

Organic Chili Cornbread Bowl
freshly baked organic, house-made cornbread smothered with papa g’s hearty organic three-bean chili


Organic Southern Sampler
our signature bbq tofu baked with our house-made bbq sauce served with organic mac & cheeze and seasonal vegetable

Add Cornbread

Organic Country Plate
savory seasoned surata tempeh & mashed potatoes smothered in wild mushroom gravy with seasonal vegetable


Epic Nacho Salad
Organic blue corn chips, corn, kelp, mixed salad greens, ranch, nacho cheeze, and taco tofu


Organic Pick ‘em Plates

Vegetable Tofu Coconut Curry


Sweet Potato Smash


Coconut Greens


Black Beans & Rice


Mac & Cheeze


Seasoned Surata Tempeh


Signature Bbq Tofu


Signature Savory Sesame Tofu


Signature Original Tofu


Signature Taco Tofu


Mashed Potatoes & Gravy


Deli Salad


Papa G’s Organic, Packaged, Seasoned Tofus

Original Recipe Tofu (8 Oz)
seasoned with our own special blend of premium organic spices


Savory Sesame Tofu (8 Oz)
seasoned with toasted sesame oil, sesame seeds and our own special blend of premium organic spices


Bbq Tofu (8 Oz)
best vegetarian sandwich filling ever! made with papa g’s own bbq sauce which is also available in bulk for special order


Taco Tofu (8 Oz)
our organic tofu crumbles seasoned with traditional mexican herbs & spices is a great addition to your tacos, burritos, taco salads & more


Organic Sides

Jasmine Brown Rice


Wild Mushroom Gravy


Organic Black Beans


Toasted Organic Pita Bread


Organic Notcho Cheeze


Organic Corn Chips


Seasonal Vegetable


House Dipping Sauces


Organic Beverages

Organic Raw Coconut Local Blueberry Kefir
house-made coconut kefir flavored with local organic blueberries


Organic Coolers
house-made jamaican hibiscus tea and raw agave limeade


Organic Coffee
we use cafe mam organic fair trade coffee from chiapias indians


Tao Of Tea Organic Teas
loose leaf. choose from numerous flavors from this fine local company

A Pot

Organic Ginger Keifer Beer


Customer Reviews


May 12, 2014

I am a huge fan of Papa G's!! I actually feel energized after eating here. Every. Single. Time. My favorites are the salad bar and the tempeh reuben. This place is all organic, they prepare everything from scratch in-house, they recycle and compost everything... heck even the to-go dishes and utensils are compostable. Do yourself a huge favor and check this place out. If you've never eaten here, you really don't know what a fantastic meal you're missing!! 5 stars!!!! Ps, I'm not even a vegetarian and I love this place: omnivores, do not let the vegan aspect deter you from eating here!!

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