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The Juicery

All Natural Smoothies, Fresh Organic Juices, Nutritional Supplements, Organic Vegetarian Food







TAGS: Vegan Friendly, Vegetarian Friendly, American, Thai, Juice Bar & Smoothies

Restaurant Menu - the-juicery

All Natural Smoothies

Tropical Treat
a luscious combination of mangos & bananas with all natural orange & pineapple coconut juice.

Omega-3 Sensation
strawberries, mangos, flax seed oil and all natural orange juice.

Very Berry
simple & sweet bananas, your choice of blueberries, raspberries and/or strawberries and unsweetened apple juice.

Peanut Butter Bliss
bananas, chocolate almond milk & natural peanut butter.

Soy Shake
bananas, soy, flax seed oil and chocolate almond milk, great as a meal supplement.

Fresh Organic Juices

Citrus Sunshine
orange/lemon, sweet source of energy and vitamin c, helps strengthen the immune system.

Tangy Tonic
a delicious remedy for colds and flue

Lemon Zinger
apple/lemon, earth's true lemonade, a delicious digestion aid

Life Blood
carrot/apple/beet/lemon/ginger, a tangy, delicious detoxifier for the liver supports overall health

Triple A
carrot/apple/celery/beet/parsley, great for the immune system and all the internal organs

Jungle Juice
celery/spinach/cucumber/apple/parsley, source of protein and blood flow enhancer

Green Juice
kale/cucumber/celery/parsley exceptional for cleansing and hydrating

Create Your Own Juice
have a favorites but don't see it here.we are happy to meet special requests.

Nutritional Supplements

Protein Powder (with Fiber)
hemp protein powder is an easily digestible, superior protein with a perfect ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids. this is a raw, whole food product not made in a laboratory like many other protein supplements


Matcha Green Tea Powder
known benefits include increased energy, improved mental alertness, stress reduction, and increased metabolism for weight loss.great when added to a smoothie or juice.


The Good Doctor Greens
formulated for the juicery by dr.lebro from the lebro center for well being in kittery.me this supplement is a great way to get your daily greens.


Flax Seed Oil
a vegetarian source of omega 3 fatty acids which aid in improving your hearts, skin and joints.studies have also shown flax seed oil can help fight autoimmune diseases and depression


Cacao (raw Chocolate)
loaded with antioxidants and high in magnesium cacao can give you a kick start when you are feeling sluggish.


Organic Vegetarian Food

seasoned brown rice, our homemade zesty black beans salsa including bell peppers, corn, tomatoes & red onions with avocado & romaine wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.

baked seasoned tempeh, shredded red cabbage, red onion, grated carrots and sprouts wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.

seasoned brown rice, ripe avocado, cucumber, romaine and shredded carrots with your choice of mustard tahini or ginger miso dressing wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla

Middle Eastern
our fresh-made hummus, grated carrots, cucumber, tomato, onion, pickles and romaine lettuce with our creamy dill dressing wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla

seasoned baked tofu, shredded cabbage & carrots, red bell peppers, romaine lettuce, chopped peanuts and our creamy thai dressing wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.

ripe avocado, tomato, cucumber, sprouts and romaine lettuce with your choice of dressing wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.

World (new)
seasoned brown rice, baked seasoned tempeh, avocado, tomato, grated carrot, red onion, lettuce and our famous mustard tahini dressing wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.

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51 Hanover St Portsmouth
Portsmouth, NH