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Elevation Burger

8611 Hillcrest Avenue #195


This place is now CLOSED. (Rating is reflective on closing, not the food)

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Sundown At Granada

3520 Greenville Ave


My fav organic, non-GMO place in Dallas. So many options (including vegan, vegetarian, gluten free). Lots of local ingredients, mostly organic, and almost exclusively non-GMO. The owners are transparent with ingredients and both menu and the website have an open letter from them explaining their philosophy and the few items that are not non-GMO. Everything I have had here is AMAZING! I am always torn between ordering something new or instead getting one my favourite items. It is crave worthy. My meat loving, not-concerned-with-organic partner loves it here too, so it isn't only for those of us who are concerned with what is in/on our food. :) Additionally, ambiance is awesome, incredible patio, and upstairs roof at night is a gem!! p.s. Down a few storefronts is the Green Grocer, a small neighborhood store that is all organic and non-GMO. We go here for juices and smoothies before heading over to Sundown for brunch on the weekends since they don't open until 11a. Good way to further the local/organic ingredients!! Go go go!!!

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