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Mizu Steakhouse

27149 185th Ave. SE


Dropped by last Saturday with my wife. We just moved to the area and have heard wonderful things about this establishment. It is Benihana style, you sit around a table and the chef cooks right in front of you. There is also a sushi bar area and in the back I noticed some empty tables near the bar. When we walked in my immediate attention was towards some of the posters I saw in the window. They wear advertising an upgrade to 100% grass fed beef for something around $5 to $8 more. I can't recall the exact amount. I ordered the 100% grass fed NY steak and my wife had the Pike Place special (yellow tail tuna and shrimp). The steak had a beautiful dark red color and her tuna had sesame seeds on both sides. Both of our entrees where served rare and we both thoroughly enjoyed our dinner. The icing on the cake was the chef's performance and the fact that the food is hot off the grill! (Delicious) On my way out I was asked by one of the hostesses "how did you like your steak"? I told her how I thought it would be gamey but this was not the case at was tender, soft and delicious. She had proceeded to tell me that the managers are in the process of changing the ingredients in all of their sauces to be gluten free and later this year they will move to 100% organic vegetables. I wanted to share this with the community because my wife and I wear both delighted with our experience at this establishment and happy to see that there are folks focused on bringing quality ingredients to patrons. Thanks! Jon & Traci

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