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Currito Burritos Without Borders

222 Calhoun Street


While searching for healthy organic restaurants in Cincinnati, Ohio, I've contacted Currito and learned that this restaurant is NOT Organic at all, and the only thing they advertise on their web site as organic is their Organic Tofu. This is the reply I received back from my feedback concerns to Currito's web site: "Thank you for writing our website. Your feedback only allows us to improve. To be honest, I had no idea we were listed on this website. Someone must have voluntarily put us on there. We will contact the site. While I can't say with absolute certainty that we have a completely free GMO menu, I will say that we are committed to offering the freshest, most wholesome foods. We get in fresh produce every single day. We freshly prepare everything in the restaurant. Very little prep is done before it hits our doors. We have our celery pre-cut at the produce house and put in a bag. It is still completely natural. Our chips come in a bag, and our beans come in a can. Our beans our rinsed thoroughly from the brine, and cooked on our stove top with our own spices and water. We have whole, fresh tomatoes, onions, carrots, broccoli, cilantro, scallions, etc. that our completely raw. Our chicken and our steak comes in raw, and fresh--never frozen, or modified. Our rice is raw. All salsas are prepared every day. We have some salad dressings from a bottle, and some that we make in house. Hopefully this give you a good idea of how we prepare our food. We certainly do not pretend to be a health food concept. However, we do have healthy options, as well as indulgent ones. I hope you can find something on our menu to try. I'll send out a burrito buck to the address you listed, just in case you want to try anything on our menu for only $1. Cheers! John L " I'm not giving up on Currito just yet, as I am hoping to show them that the demand for REAL Healthy food is on the rise in America. Hopefully this review will help to convert them over to a fully Organic menu.

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