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Andy Nguyen's Vegetarian








Restaurant Menu - andy-nguyens-vegetarian-restaurant


Wish Fulfilling Jewel
sweet and sour soup w/ soy shrimp, tomatoes, pineapples, celery, elephant ear, okra, bean sprouts, tofu, button mushrooms, garlic and basil in tamarind chili broth.

Loving Kindness
mustard greens w/ organic portabella mushrooms, tofu & ginger in a veggie broth.

Patience Noodle
rice noodles, sliced shitake mushrooms, tofu, assorted soy meats & ginger in a spicy broth.

Supreme Noodle
"hue city" style noodles, shitake mushrooms, tofu & mixed vegies in a spicy lemongrass broth.

Love Of Life
japanese udon noodles w/ mixed vegies, soy shrimp, organic shitake mushrooms & japanese pepper flakes in a vegetable broth.


Eight-fold Path
spring greens, onions, tomatoes, carrots, apples, cucumbers, mint & cilantro w/ an asian sesame dressing.

Nirvana Lemon Salad
grilled beef w/ carrot & daikon slaw, mint cilantro crush peanuts, and sesame soy vinaigrette dressing.

Spring Beef Salad
grilled soy textured beef, mixed greens, caramelized onions, & roasted peanuts, served w/ a soy vinaigrette.


Treasure Rolls
rice noodles, soy shrimp, grilled tofu ham, asian herbs, carrots, daikon, crushed peanuts & crispy lotus strips wrapped in rice paper. served w/ peanut dipping sauce.

Crispy Lotus Rolls
fried golden brown vegan egg rolls w/ a soy vinaigrette and chili dipping sauce.

Soft Garden Rolls
marinated tofu, cabbage, carrot, green leaf & asian herbs wrapped in rice paper w/ peanut dipping sauce.

Buddha Rolls
infused lemongrass shitake mushroom, rice noodle, asian herbs, red onions, carrots & daikon wrapped in rice paper. served w/ a soy ginger dipping sauce.

Enlighten Mind Rolls
grilled tofu, shitake mushroom, asian herbs & sesame seeds wrapped in chow fun. served w/ a soy vinaigrette dipping sauce.

Organic Rolls
organic shitake mushrooms, snow peas, green leaf lettuce, spring greens w/ soy ginger lime sauce.

Karma Roll
mango grilled tofu roll wrapped in rice paper w rice noodles caramelized onions mint cilantro carrots slaw and soy vinaigrette dipping sauce.

Organic Maha Mushrooms
blue oyster shitake sesame seeds, pank bread crumbs and tempura w/ sesame soy citrus.

Tempura Pepper Flake Okra
w/ a black soy lime thai tom yom sauce.

Generating Compassion
baby-back sugarcane soy ribs w/ black truffle oil, & spicy bbq peanut sauce.

Good Karma Sampler
lotus rolls, tempura okra, treasure rolls, baby-back ribs & chef's special.


Bodhisattva Wraps
grilled saigon patty, lettuce wraps, mint, herb & rice noodle w/ peanut sauce (lettuce wrap).

Supreme Nori Fish
grilled nori soy, mint, herbs & rice noodles, w/ soy ginger sauce (lettuce wrap).

Fire Grill

Awakening Of Faith
rice noodles, grilled soy meat, shitake mushrooms, tofu, lotus roll, lettuce, cucumbers, sprouts & mixed herbs. garnished w/ crushed peanuts & served w/ a soy vinaigrette sauce.

Awakening Mind Chow Fun
steamed chow fun noodles w/ grilled soy meat, shitake mushrooms, tofu, asian herbs & caramelized onions in a soy vinaigrette sauce.

Ten Thousand Buddha's
vietnamese bistro burger. grilled soy beef w/ carrot daikon slaw, cucumber, hot peppers, cilantro, lettuce, tofu pate, & vegan mayo w/ a side of hand-cut tempura fries.

Zen Egg Noodles
egg noodles, soy shrimp, mushrooms, tofu & mixed veggies.

Self Nuturing Chow Fun
sauteed chow fun noodles w/ soy beef, button mushrooms & tofu in a mushroom oyster sauce.

Unique Flavors

Universal Love Lemongrass
sauteed mushrooms, onions, tofu & mixed veggies w/ soy chicken in a spicy lemongrass sauce.

Limitless Compassion
spicy mongolian beef sauteed w/ crown top broccoli, red onions, bell peppers & black truffle oil.

Peaceful Existence Clay Pot
soy chicken drumstick, tofu, potatoes, carrots, button mushrooms, soy ham & mixed vegetables.

Dragon Clay Pot
organic oyster, shitake mushroom, mixed veggies, baby corn, bamboo shoots & tofu in a black ginger lemongrass shitake trffle sauce. topped off w/ crushed black pepper & caramelized onions.

Flower Adornment Sutra
tofu, shitake mushrooms & broccoli sauteed in spicy sweet basil sauce.

Supreme Wisdom
mixed vegetables, tofu & button mushrooms in spicy coconut peanut sauce w/ mint, cilantro &b crushed peanuts.

Dharma Seed
mixed vegetable sauteed w/ coconut sauce, served w/ sesame breaded firm tofu.

Mandala Fry Rice
diced mixed veggies, carrots, corn, peas, mushrooms, tofu & roasted cashews.

Caramelized Fire Rice Pot
spicy caramelized rice slow cooked in a lay pot w/ mixed vegetables, mushrooms & garlic.

Wisdom Fire Pot
vietnamese hot pot w/ assorted soy meats, organic mushrooms, fresh tofu & okra, mustard greens & rice noodles, accompanied w/ a spicy satay lemongrass infused broth w/ a trio of sauces of dipping.

Pure Heart Lemon Grass Fish
nori soy fish infused in lemongrass w/ green leaf tomatoes, asian herbs & green onion in a soy ginger truffle lime dressing.

Heart Sutra
soy fish sauteed w/mixed vegetables in tangy pineapple sauce.

Devine Realization Pad Thai
sauteed rice noodles w/ mixed vegetables, bamboo shoots, baby corn, sprouts, shitake mushroom, fresh herbs & peanuts.


Organic Brown Rice

Jasmine Rice

Tempura Fries

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2007 Broadway
Sacramento, CA

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