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Bare Back Grille

We have a good vibe and great attitude! You can't resist 100% organic beef, chicken and lamb on San Diego's Best burgers!






CATEGORY: Restaurants & Cafes

TAGS: Healthy Burger in San Diego, Locally Grown, American, Wi-Fi, Patio, Late Night

Restaurant Menu - bare-back-grill-2


Tomato Basil Soup
puree of creamed tomato, carrot and basil soup & grilled chessets


turkey & corn chilli, melted cheese , chopped jalapeno & red onion, tortilla chips


Kal Maori
tempura fried calamari


Chick On a Stick
grilled or fried chicken tenders in our sweet hot sauce served with celery ranch


Kiwi 3'some
fries, rings, calamari


Soft Pretzel
soft pretzel with gentleman jack mustard and a roasted jalapeno sauce.


Munchie Feast
jus chillin', grilled & fried chick on a stick, rings, kumara fries, veggies



Kumara Fries


Genarly Big Burgers

Bare Burger


Queenstown Fave
edam cheese


Hogs & Heffers
bacon, grilled pineapple, edam cheese


Mahi Wani
bacon, grilled pineapple, edam cheese


Sheilas Cracked
fried egg. edam cheese, beetroot


Hot Chicks

Wake & Bake
grilled or fried talapia, spicy coleslaw, avocado, tarragon mayo, sourdough bread.


Bare Lil Lamb
lamb burger, blue cheese, mint dressing, beetroot, lettuce, tomato, red onion, house chutney, aloli


Lost Blunt
bacon, lettuce, uh tomato

Holy Roller
grilled or tempura tofu, cucumber, sprouts, lettuce, tomato, red onion, cucumber raita with spicy peanut dressing

Got Greens

Baby Greens
green leaf lettuce, cherry tomato, carrot, cucumber, corn.


Cobber Chop't
green leaf lettuce, grilled chicken, bacon, egg. tomato, red onions, cucumber, avocado, sprouts


Feelin's Randy
spinach, tomato, candled walnut, goat cheese, cranberry, balsamic vinaigertte

Add Chicken

Newport Wedge
ice burg lettuce, bacon, egg., blue cheese, tomato

Happy N'ding

Bare-Ly Legal
oatmeal cookie freshly baked topped with cinnamon ice cream,


E Legal
chocolate chip cookie freshly baked topped with vanilla ice cream




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624 E Street
San Diego, CA