Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands are an island nation in the Pacific. The official language is English, but Solomons Pijin is more commonly spoken and there are approximately 70 regional languages. The terrain includes volcanoes, rainforest, and coral reefs. The Solomons have an ocean-equatorial climates. Native animal species include Bougainville monkey-faced bat, the Vanikoro flying fox, and the humpback whale. Mainstays of the economy include fishing, manufacturing, and petroleum. There are significant amounts of undeveloped mineral resources such as lead, zinc, and gold.

If you can commit to the two-day endeavor of hiking to the crater rim of Kolombangara, extraordinary views from the summit will be your reward. At Mataniko Falls, you can see dramatic double-sided water cascading down around a cave. The Central Market in Honiara offers fresh fruits, traditional artwork, and human interest.

Sweet potatoes, rice, and taro are common starchy staples. Typical vegetables include greens, such as taro leaves. Chicken and fish are popular. Poi, made with fermented taro root, is an important ceremonial food. Try it cooked like a porridge, or served alongside meats. Coconuts, breadfruit, and bananas are frequently eaten, and fruits can be served with tapioca and whipped cream or caramel topping for a real taste treat.