New to, or thinking about joining? Lots of our users have asked us about how we qualify our listings. The short answer is, you do. We rely heavily on our community to weed out inaccuracies in our listings as well as provide the details people are looking for.

The long answer has to do with our listing types and levels. Let us explain…

Types of Listings
Users can submit listings for different types of organic places. The options include restaurants, markets, food trucks, food stores, breweries, farms, farmers markets, and more. This helps OrganiList users to do a more narrow search for the type of place they’re looking for.

How Organic Is It?
While many places are offering organic options or using organic ingredients, very few could call themselves “100% USDA Organic.” But there are lots of degrees of organic available out there, and we want to help our users find exactly what they’re looking for. That’s why has its very own Organic Listing Meter where our users can help identify which listings are less or more organic. On the lower side, one means the listing offers a minimal amount of organic options. Then on the higher side up to Five meaning they offer a wider range of organic options.

We know… that’s a little vague. But organic places are still few and far between, compared to non-organic places, and we’ve found that it’s tough to create hard-and-fast standards for how organic a restaurant or supermarket is. Our Organic Listing Meter system is more like a collaborative guideline that our users continually adjust as a community. If you visit a place and disagree with its rating on, add your own to the listing!

Still have questions? Feel free to drop us a note!