Leading a vegetarian lifestyle usually contributes to better overall health and awareness of food intake. Although, there is just one annoying thing about being a vegetarian, going out to eat. Sometimes, going out to eat at a restaurant means only being able to choose from the one vegetarian option on the menu. Most vegetarians have been in that position, and frankly, the only vegetarian option is often not preferable. There are only so many portabella sandwiches that a vegetarian can eat in one lifetime! For this reason, all of the vegetarian foodies at OrganicRestaurants.com have worked hard to put together a comprehensive directory of the best vegetarian restaurants in the United States.

On our website, you have the choice of searching through restaurants by geographic location, and sorting through food categories by organic, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, kosher, juice bar, raw, paleolithic, and locally grown. Love dim sum but haven't been able to go since you became a vegetarian? No problem, we have listings of all kinds of vegetarian dim sum places! No matter where you are, our website has a vegetarian restaurant listing in your city. Our website also provides a space where you and others can share your thoughts, tips, and order recommendations from each restaurant.

Even those who aren't vegetarians can appreciate the info on vegetarian restaurants that we provide. There is currently a huge trend for eating healthy and fresh food, and for good reason! Most vegetarian restaurants have healthier options than most restaurants and use food sources that are often organic. By choosing vegetarian and organic, you can make a huge difference environmentally speaking simply one meal at a time. Simply by choosing to eat veggie from time to time, your difference will count, you'll feel better, and there's no reason not to when vegetarian restaurants are so delicious!

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