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Port Land Grille






CATEGORY: Restaurants & Cafes


Restaurant Menu - port-land-grille

Snacks, Share, Small Plates

Buffalo Milk Ricotta-Spinach & Broccoli Rabe stuffed Tondi
(mini ravioli) with a San Marzano Tomato arrabbiata sauce


Fresh Coldwater Oysters
on the half shell. when available

Housemade Pimiento Cheese Dip
with extra sharp aged Cheddar cheese with crostini


Crispy Veggie Spring Rolls
with sweet & sour mango sauce


Fried California Cut Calamari "Buffalo Style"
with our famous blue cheese sauce


Smoked Salmon "Tartare"
with grilled rye costini & a horseradish creme fraiche


Overnight Braised Beef Short Rib "Shepherd's Pie"
with porcini mushrooms, fall root vegetables, rosemary, thyme and Madeira topped with a polenta-blue cheese gratin


"Maine Lobster" Rolls Slider Style
a delicious lobster salad, butter lettuce, buttered potato rolls with buttermilk slaw on the side


Plg's Steak Tartare
of Certified USDA Prime beef tenderloin, capers, red onion, stone ground mustard, lemon oil, horseradish aioli and crostinis


"Shake & Bake" Fries
North Carolina sweet potato fries tossed in truffle oil & parmesan with a roasted pepper Dijon mayo


Chilled Domestic Wild Caught Shrimp
with a Texas Pete spiked "Bloody Mary" sauce


"Manhattan Style" Blue Crab Meat Chowder


Mac- N - Cheese
with English peas, smoky bacon, garden herbs and blue crab meat


Hardwood Grilled "Vietnamese Style" Pork & Beef Meatballs
with peanut noodles and a sweet-n-sour papaya lemongrass sauce


Port Land Grille's Crab Cake
domestic lump, crab and claw meat cake over Southern style buttered baby lima beans and a warm apple-wood smoky bacon vinaigrette & a green goddess "tartar sauce"


Shawn's "Smooth" Pate of Chicken, Duck & Rabbit Liver, Cognac & Pistachio
with quince preserves, crostinis, capers, diced red onion, cornichones and whole grain mustard


"Red Neck" Eggroll
filled with PLG'S housemade pulled pork barbecue & southern style local collard greens with a mango & fresh mint dipping sauce


Big Bowl of Portuguese Style Littleneck Clams
local clams (Snead's Ferry) with grilled spicy sausage, tomatoes, sweet peppers, basil, roasted garlic, saffron


Not your Ordinary Salads

Roasted Beets-baby Organic Kale-fennel & Gold Beet "Carpaccio" Salad
with candied wlanuts, boursin cheese, fennel pollen and a vanilla bean-clover honey-citrus vinaigrette


Baby Organic Arugula-pear-speck & Gorgonzola Salad
with toasted pumpkin seeds, roasted hazelnuts, dried apricots & roasted sweet potatoes with a pomegranate-dijon-honey vinaigrette


Italian Chopped Salad
with romaine, Giacomo's pepperoni, salami, ham, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, tuscan peppers, cured olives, roasted peppers, marinated white beans and a sweety pepp & balsamic herb vinaigrette


Shellfish & Baby Organic Spinach Salad
with gulf poached shrimp, lump blue crab meat, toasted pine nuts, hearts of palm, fried shallots, red grapes, organic baby spinach and a Green Goddess - avocado vinaigrette


Simple Southern Salad
but goooood! A wedge of chilled iceberg lettuce, crisp Nodine's smoky bacon, tomatoes & chives topped with our famous Maytag Blue Cheese dressing


Caesar Salad
with hearts of organic romaine, tomatoes, country olives, and shaved asiago


Farmer's Market Salad
of house mixed baby greens, southern style pickled beets, hearts of palm and toasted sunflower seeds. Choice of dressings - White Balsamic, garden herb vinaigrette; Creamy Goat cheese; PLG's creamy bleu cheese buttermilk; Pecorino-smoked Peppercorn Ranch or Oven-dried Tomato, Truffle, Dijon, aged Sherry Vinaigrette


from the Port

Pan Seared True Diver Scallops, Maine


Wild Caught Alaskan Halibut


Wood Grilled Fresh Yellow Fin Tuna, cooked RARE (FL)


Wild Caught Carolina Grouper


Loch Duart Scottish Salmon


Fresh Mahi Mahi (FL)


Fresh Line-caught Swordfish Loin (SC)


Fresh Fried Local Flounder (NC)


Wild Caught Fresh Corvina (Costa Rica)


From the Land

Wood Grilled, Marinated Venison Tenderloin
with grilled smoked venison-apple sausage, roasted-mashed local spiced sweet potatoes, pan roasted cauliflower, roasted Oregon hazelnuts and a port wine-cherry gastrique


"Mongolian Style" Heirloom Berkshire Pork Chop (Minnesota)
with "red neck" spatzel, butternut squash, balsamic braised cabbage and a sweet n' tangy balsamic, plum BBQ jus


Free Range "Free Bird" Chicken
three pieces with "pound cake" style potatoes, skillet seared basil corn and our famous "east meets west" Carolina style BBQ sauce


Coffee Rubbed, Seared Naturally Aged Heirloom Beef Rib Eye Steak
"Painted Hill's Farms" - 16 oz truffle-parmesan fries/malt vinegar aioli, buttered baby organic spinach and a roasted shallot-gorgonzola butter


Steak and Potatoes
Prime Grade "Baseball Cut" Sirloin Steak with buttery mashed Yukon gold potatoes, wilted spinach and our house made P-1 steak sauce


"Sugar & Spice" Duck (Piedmont, NC)
with coconut-farro "pilaf", grilled smoked duck sausage, sauteed snow peas & "sweet & sour" stewed mangoes with wild flower honey-cardamom & anise glaze


Plg's Vegetable Plate
with roasted, sauteed and grilled seasonal vegetables, assorted starches (black rice, sweet mashed, polenta, mashed yukons), fresh herbs. finished with a drizzle of pesto oil (Shane's favorite)


From the Grille

Aged Angus Beef Tenderloin

10 Oz

Our Signature Aged Angus Bone-in Filet

16 Oz

Thick Cut Beef Porterhouse Steak
21 Day Aged, Naturally Raised Angus Beef

28 Oz

"Cowboy Steak" Bone-in Ribeye Chop
21 Day Aged, Naturally Raised Angus Beef

22 Oz

True Artisan Dry Aged "Kansas City" Strip Steak

18 Oz

Aged Angus Beef NY Strip "Center Cut"

16 Oz

"Thick Cut" Veal Rack Chop

16 Oz

Lamb Tenderloin


Desserts & Artesan Cheeses

Jenny's Cookie Plate
an assortment of cookies made from "The Flour Batch" owned and operated by local artesan baker, Jenny P, some flavors include: snickerdoodle, mint chocolate chip, pumpkin dark chocolate spice, "oatella" (oatmeal, cinnamon and Nutella) & "s'mores" - served with a shot of Kahlua spiked milk


Assorted Gelato & Sorbetto
served with wafer cookies. Selections change frequently, a few samples, gelato: valrhona chocolate, vanilla bean, pumpkin, coffee, hazelnut biscotti, dulce de leche. sorbetto: tangerine, peach, mango, blood orange, raspberry, bartlett pear, blackberry, cabernet


Warm Apple-fig Crisp
with salted caramel gelato


Chocolate Liqueur "Suicide Cake"
with fresh berries berries


Port Land Grille's Tiramisu


Southern Comfort & Caramel Walnut Tart
with butterscotch sauce and vanilla bean gelato


Warm Chocolate Truffle Molten Cake
with a scoop of gelato and a pool of butterscotch sauce


Not your Ordinary Coconut Cake
with a caramel drizzle and & mango coulis


Plg's Bread Pudding
preparations change seasonally but lately it's been the one with roasted bananas, dark rum, & toasted pecans with a caramel and spiced cranberry sauce


Port Land Grille's Creme Brulee
flavors change frequently: sweet potato, espresso, lemon blueberry, bananas "foster", etc., with chantilly creme and assorted cookies


Artesan Cheeses
ask for today's availabilty


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1908 Eastwood Road
Wilmington, NC