Alaska is the largest and most populous U.S. state. Oil and natural gas fuel the economy; fishing and tourism are also significant sectors. Alaska makes one think of Jack London and dogsleds, or Christopher McCandless' more recent, tragic adventures. Snow and ice are of such importance to Inuit peoples that they have dozens of words for them, so if you're going dress warmly! With isolation comes expense for travelers, but also great rewards in splendid scenery. Whale-watching cruises depart from places like Juneau, and Mount McKinley is the main attraction at Denali National Park. Seafood is hugely popular in Alaska, and you can find the best of the best salmon here, as well as crab legs, chowder, and many other fish dishes. There is also more typical West Coast cuisine like roasted organic veggies and portobello burgers. Have locally grown food in a classy joint, or start your day with a healthy breakfast like granola. If you come from Washington, the ferry takes two or three days. If going by land, you'll pass through Canada, so you may need a passport!