Arizona is a large state, with numerous major population centers and some king-sized universities. A megadose of natural beauty helps to balance out the urban sprawl of desert cities like Phoenix. Flagstaff is perhaps the funkiest of the college towns, which also include Tucson, Tempe, and Prescott (home of small, progressive Prescott College). It has culture and hiking/biking opportunities, and it makes a good jumping-off point for the Grand Canyon, one of the most popular national parks anywhere. You can ride a mule down toward the bottom of the canyon from either the South Rim or, seasonally, from the North Rim. Book these tours as far in advance as possible. Cruise over to Monument Valley to see towering red rock formations, and if you're super lucky you might catch a Navajo rock band playing next to them. Hoover Dam and Canyon de Chelly are really good sights, too. There's a range of local cuisines in Arizona. You can get cowboy-style biscuits and gravy, Native American foods, or some of the best Mexican food in the USA. Attempts to elevate tribal cuisines have resulted in interesting dishes like chia seeds on fish. You can find grass-fed beef burgers and dishes with local, seasonal produce in Tucson. There is plenty of food and entertainment in Arizona. So, if you ever plan to motor west, get your kicks in the towns that used to be on Route 66!