The Bahamas offers excellent diving and beaching opportunities. If you're interested in checking out some pirate tales, visit the Pirates of Nassau museum. Want to go a little wild? Check out the backcountry Bahamians call Big Yard, the island of Andros, which has over 2000 square miles of swamps and forests. Legend has it that you want to steer clear of the evil man-bird, the Chickcharnie, who hangs out there. Some popular local flavors include seafood, peas, and rice, tropical fruits like guava, and rum. There are excellent soups including conch chowder and callaloo, which features a leafy green of that name. You can eat papaya plain, in chutneys or other ways. If you have a taste for sweet and exotic foods, you can also try soursop ice cream. You can find vegetarian and living foods from New Providence to Freeport. Nassau has the most diverse and international offerings, such as Indian and Brazilian cuisine.

New Providence