Benin is a West African country whose population dwells mainly along their small coastline. The capital is in Porto-Novo, but the seat of government is in Cotonou in the center of the Southern coast. French is the official language, but Fon and Yoruba are widely spoken. Lakes, valleys, and marshes are common terrain. The Reserve du W du Niger and Pendjari National Park are popular safari spots. Possotom├® and other villages around Lake Ah├®m├® are a great place to spend time and do a little swimming. Benin also has some fine history museums. Typical eatin's include a starchy porridge of millet, manioc, or plantains with sauce. The fish is good, and you can even find rabbit or duck in fancier spots. They like boozy sauces in BeninÔÇötchoukoutou has sorghum beer in it, and sodabe is moonshine-based. Ndole is a stew made of leaves and nuts. Wagasi is a cheese made by the Fulani people, and acaraj├® is a black-eyed pea fritter fried in palm oil in certain West African countries. Agriculture is important to the economy of this tropical nation. Beans, sorghum, rice, cassava, yams, and cashews are some of the major crops. Organic options are limited in Benin, but you can find fresh juices, tofu, and more in Cotonou. Chinese and European restaurants are around, but apparently mostly in Cotonou.