An Introduction

November 21, 2017 by Kevin Kovalycsik



It’s my pleasure to contribute time and talent to  


Over the past few years, I’ve written privately on my travels and experiences locally and throughout the world, most particularly when it comes to outdoor adventure and culture. Through the encouragement of Paul J. Scott and numerous others, I am happy to write here in the same style and objectivity, offering both straight line and unique perspectives on the organic food industry – topics and eateries – as well as other related subjects.


This blog is a natural extension of my regular healthy lifestyle choices and interests.  Unlike a critique, its purpose is to present and inform, and to a certain extent, publicly catalogue my thoughts and experiences on the topic.


Nothing brings family and friends together like food.  At the same time, perhaps no other segment has grown and fueled the United States economy like the organic food industry.  From the acquisition of Whole Foods by to expanded organic food sections in Walmart to new coffee shops and more, it seems that we as a culture cannot escape the word “organic” in our daily lives.  


But, what exactly does the term “organic” mean. Is it necessary? When is it “acceptable” to use it and why?  What are the advantages to the restaurant and consumer?  


These are some of the questions that I both ask myself, and discussed Paul J. Scott before agreeing to write for this blog.  It’s also the main reason why I am pleased to contribute.  


Organic Restaurants, as a whole, are “rare”.  As a result, they represent a unique group of entrepreneurs who passionately and courageously assume financial risk for an ideal that they believe in, and, perhaps more importantly, a growing consumer segment embraces and enjoys.  Organic Restaurant owners and employees are positive disruptors.  And, it is my hope, that this blog with bring out a portion of the love and intensity that they bring to industry mainstream.


In conclusion, I’d like to note that I do not eat organic foods exclusively.  I am also not a vegan, although my diet tends to trend in that direction with the exception of lots of fish.  In this blog, I hope to highlight coffee, meat, pastry and other food categories within and affecting the organic food industry.  I further hope to discuss current topics and news in the organic food industry, fair trade and opportunities for charity and giving back.  


Are you a business owner listed on the site that would like to profiled?  Have a topic or question that you would like to see discussed?  Drop me a line at  It would be a pleasure to hear from you.


In the meantime, be well, and live with purpose and passion!  I’ll see you back here soon.