Botswana is a great place to take in wildlife. Go to the Okavango Rver Delta and see species like leopards and hyenas. There are many great game reserves around the country too. There are great views to be had in the Tswapong Hills in the East. D'Kar, a village in the West, has an art gallery, cultural center, and ranch sponsored by a group of nongovernmental organizations who are aiming to empower indigenous peoples of Southern Africa. In Botswana, they eat Mopane worms (similar to caterpillars) and a salty mashed-up fatty meat called seswaa, which is commonly served with porridges like the maize-y pap or sorghum meal. Very few vegetarian or organic eating options are given explicitly, so it's basically catch as catch can. Beans like cow peas, ditloo, and letlhodi are popular. Wild vegetables are seasonally available and Setswana people consume dried bean leaves. Fruits include marula and melons such as watermelon, lerotse, and lekatane. Traditionally raised or free range chicken is considered to be of superior quality, and hosts will prepare one for guests as a sign of respect, often over an open fire for full flavor.