Burundi is a Central African land of mountains and fields. People here grow a large quantity of coffee, tea, and cereal crops. Cassava, sweet potatoes, plantains, peas, corn, and manioc are important parts of the diet. Cows are sacred, so natives eat more sheep and goat when they can. Food security is a problem in this small, impoverished nation. A special gathering may include communal drinking of impeke beer from one large container. French and Kirundi are the official languages of Burundi, but Swahili is also commonly known.

The two national parks are Kibira National Park, with a small patch of rain forest, and the Ruvubu National Park in the Northeast, which is adjacent a river known as either the Rurubu, the Ruvubu, or Ruvuvu). Lake Tanganyika lies in the Southwest region of the country, and you can visit the pleasant Saga Beach there. Some popular pastimes include drumming, arts and crafts such as basket weaving, and sports like track, basketball, and soccer. You can see groups playing board games called mancala, which are related to agricultural principles like sowing. A whimsical spot in Bujumbura features a rock allegedly commemorating the Dr. Livingstone, I presume? encounter between Livingstone and Stanley.