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The Friendly Toast

The Friendly Toast serves up creative meals in a truly unique atmosphere and offers an exciting dining experience morning, noon AND night!





CATEGORY: Restaurants & Cafes, Bed & Breakfasts

TAGS: Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly, Vegetarian Friendly, Patio

Restaurant Menu - friendly-toast


Guinness-battered Onion Rings
double-dunked for a real beer flavor. with a cilantro-caper dip


Ann Marie's Quesadilla
american & cheddar cheese, black beans, scallions, & vegetarian sausage inside, roasted corn salsa & zesty maple sour cream on top


a huge platter of fresh tortilla chips, jalapeno-jack & cheddar, black olives, cuban beans, salsa, scallions, our avocado-lime sauce & sour cream


Orleans Fries
sweet potato fries topped with brown sugar, tabasco & sour cream


Kitchen Sink Quesadilla & Shrimp
4 coconut fried shrimp & 4 quesadilla wedges with spicy pecans, jalapenos-jack & cheddar, sauteed spinach, fried red onions, sweet potato fries: topped with mango sour cream & a balsamic glaze



green-leaf lettuce and tots of different vegetables, black olives & homemade croutons


Port William
lettuce, baby spinach, smoked salmon, goat cheese, spicy pecans, green peppers, cucumbers & scallions. with a pomegranate-pecan vinaigrette


baby spinach, plum tomatoes, chambord-baked red onions, blue cheese & cashews. with lemon-ginger-garlic dressing.

With Beans
Without Beans

lettuce, baby spinach, roasted yellow peppers, feta, green & kalamata olives, & red onions. with a mediterranean dressing


Special Sandwiches & Burritos

Le Petit Monstre
a chicken burrito made with our marinated breast meat, tabasco, cream cheese, roasted corn salsa, green olives, lettuce, & plum tomatoes


The D.g.g.c
a damned-good grilled cheese, cayenne cheddar bread, cheddar & american & olive-garlic spread. with a bit of strawberry-haber no sauce on the side


Vegan Valhalla
a flour tortilla stuffed with asian-sesame baked tofu, portobello mushrooms, brown sauce, scallions, olive-oil-grilled baby spinach, and tahini dressing


The Aldenator
a kaiser roll with smoked turkey, mayonnaise, chambord-baked red onions, banana peppers & ruffles potato chips. the alternate aldenator is just as good, we substitute goat & swiss cheeses for the turkey


Portobello Melt
portobello caps & roasted yellow peppers grilled in worcestershire sauce, on a kaiser roll with provolone, baby spinach & horseradish mayonnaise


Crazy Quesadilla
brie, mashed chipotle sweet potatoes, red chile pecans, green apple slices, swiss

With Baked Ham
Without Baked Ham


Bacon Or Sausage Patties


Vegetarian Bacon Or Sausage



With Cream Cheese
Without Cream Cheese

Cinnamon Toast


Homemade Hash


Onion Rings



Plain Or Cheese
any kind


avocado & olive-garlic spread


blue cheese & crispy fried red onions


2 spicy black bean patties held together with cheddar

Without The 2nd Patty
Can Be Made As A Bleu Or Avocado Burger Also, With One Patty

Customer Reviews


February 26, 2013

Excellent Breakfast + Smoothies!

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1 Kendall square
Cambridge, MA

TODAY 8:00am - 10:00pm

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WED 8:00am - 10:00pm
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FRI 8:00am - 12:00am
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