Cameroon offers a lot of variety in terms of culture, food, terrain, and activities. While French and English are the official languages, 200 others are spoken. Beaches? Check. Rainforests? Check. Makossa and bikutsi music are big, and so is the national soccer team.

Mt. Cameroon is the highest peak in West Africa and a big trekking destination. Limbe Wildlife Centre is one of the best zoos in Africa, and prominently features primates. Foumban offers art museums and a fascinating royal palace.

Seafood is excellent in Cameroon. Bread and pasta are expensive for locals, who tend to consume other starches like fufu, plantain, maize, millet, potatoes, and cassava. Bush meat is commonly consumed, while porcupine and giant rat are sought-after items. Be aware that soya is another meat dish. Ndol├® is a spicy stew with bitterleaf greens, meat, shrimp, pork rind, and peanut paste. Curries are popular, as are okra, eggplant, and hot peppers. In the forested regions, you may find an insect on your plate!