Chile is a large country that encompasses the Andes, the Pacific, and the cold lands of Patagonia at the Southern tip of the continent. Most of the people live in the center. The South has particularly diverse terrain, including forests, volcanoes, and fjords. Mineral wealth from copper is significant. Agricultural products include grapes, apples, corn, peaches, asparagus, and beans. Sometimes those grapes are made into fine local wines.

Tourists go to the North to see Inca architecture and highland lakes, and there are great skiing opportunities there. National parks and the port city of Valparaiso (whose historic district is a UNESCO World Heritage site) are popular in the South. Offshore, the mysterious sculptures of Easter Island are like nothing else in the world, and this too is Chile.

You can find some health-conscious fare at restaurants with local, Indian, or American fare. The capital of Santiago additionally has raw foods, juice bars, Pan-Asian, and California-Mexican restaurants, and lots of natural foods stores. Seafood stews are common on Chilean menus, or you can have quinoa, either topped with steak and onions or cooked with flavorful yellow peppers. Palta Reinas are avocados stuffed with seafood or chicken salad. For a delicious dessert, try exotic fruits like cherimoya or l├║cuma.

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