Colorado features magnificent terrain and wildlife. Bighorn sheep and quaking aspen leaves are both symbols of the state. The U.S. Rockies are truly world-class peaks. Pikes Peak is the most famous, and it can be approached from multiple directions. Denver is a dynamic city, attracting new, youthful residents all the time. Colorado Springs has the United States Air Force Academy and a high concentration of Republicans. Boulder has more of a hippie vibe and a lot of University of Colorado students. It's home to old school herbal tea company Celestial Seasonings, and visitors can tour the factory. Colorado also makes lots of great microbrewed beer, so there are many options other than Coors. Leadville, a former mining town, has the highest elevation of any city in the U.S. and a great historic district with buildings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Places like Durango and Leadville offer scenic train rides with historical narratives. Colorado has more than game meats and diner food, although you can certainly find those, and some people enjoy Rocky Mountain Oysters (actual bull testicles). The ski resort towns offer some haute cuisine, and it seems like there are more sophisticated versions of Asian and Latin American food now. Some fantastic farmers markets are open from spring through fall. Sustainable local food is becoming more widely available, and these days you can get organic tamales. Maybe you can chase it with a fairly-traded tequila. If it's more your speed, have a shot of wheatgrass from a bike-powered juicer!