Delaware may be best-known for its small size, but a better claim to fame is being the first state to ratify the Constitution. Beaches are one of the prime attractions of the state. You can camp in the piney dunes of Cape Henlopen State Park, a coastal preserve on an old military base. There is great hiking as well as swimming, and also the nearby Zwaanendael Museum which commemorates the first European settlement in the state in the 1600s. The museum covers local maritime, military, and general history, and it's housed in a building that was modeled after a City Hall in Hoorn, Netherlands. Delaware is rich in museums. If you care deeply about music history, the Johnson Victrola Museum in Dover may be for you. Wilmington has first-class art and history museums. Seafood is big news in Delaware. These days, that translates into great sushi, including seasonally crowded communities like Rehoboth Beach. Dogfish Head, also in Rehoboth Beach, is a great American brewery that makes popular IPAs (Indian Pale Ales) among other styles of beer. Pop in for a brewery tour, or get a bite at their brewpub. Pretzels made with spent grain from the brewing process support the idea of sustainable foods and minimal waste! A pickle-cheddar spread to go on top doesn't sound half bad either. You can get organic farmers' market ingredients in dishes at other Rehoboth restaurants; local, organic food with gluten-free options in Wilmington; or down-home bar food in Newark which includes vegan meat alternatives. If you want to have some sweet, fruity bites by the beach, you can snag a gourmet vegan cupcake or a fresh juice.