Dominica is a small island in the Eastern Caribbean between Guadeloupe and Martinique. Cricket is the sport of choice, and music and dance are very important in the culture. The World Creole Music Festival is held here. Hiking and diving are great reasons to visit. The Morne Trois Pitons National Park covers a large portion of the volcanic area in the center of the island, and floating down Indian River in a boat gives you an up-close look at unusual trees and jungle life.

Food in Dominica is pretty similar to that of other Caribbean islands. Fish and chicken are popular. Codfish and saltfish are often part of breakfast, but they can be eaten with bakes, or fried dough, any time of day. Yogurt smoothies are another common snack. Typical vegetables and legumes include plantain, tania (a root vegetable), yams, and potatoes. Rice and peas are an important staple dish. You can get organic vegan Caribbean food or vegetarian Italian dishes in a few spots. Overall, however, organic and vegetarian foods take some serious searching.

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