El Salvador

El Salvador is a Central American country bordering Guatemala and Honduras. It is a densely-populated nation with a Pacific coast. Some Salvadorans speak Nawat and Maya, but the vast majority of inhabitants know Spanish. The local vernacular is called Caliche. Iglesia El Rosario in San Salvador, a non-Colonial church, is an unusual sight. It has colorful glasswork, scrap-metal figures, and high ceilings. The Parque Nacional Montecristo-el Trifinio offers hiking in a cloud-forest canopy teeming with orchids, and species like pumas and agoutis.

A popular culinary specialty is the pupusa, corn flour with fillings like cheese, beans, pork, and a plant called loroco. It is often served with curtido, pickled cabbage, onion, and carrot. So is yuca frita, or fried cassava. Try pacalla (palm flowers fried and served with tomato sauce) or mariscada soup which has fish, clam, octopus, squid, shrimp, and crab.
Some common fruits are mangoes, coconuts, papayas, and bananas. The cinnamon-flavored horchata is a delicious beverage, or have an ensalada (salad), pineapple juice with finely chopped fruits such as apples, mara├▒├│n, mamey, and watercress.

Organic food establishments are few, but you are likely to find some vegetarian-friendly Salvadorean fare like carne asada de soya, as well as Middle Eastern and Chinese restaurants. Fresh juice bars tend to use quality produce. Bottoms up!

San Salvador

San Salvador