Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea is a small nation in Central Africa, and the only officially Spanish-speaking country ion the continent. Dialects of Fang are also widely spoken, as well as some French and Portuguese. The nation has a tropical climate, and its terrain includes forests and mangroves, largely on its coastline. Oil reserves have been very beneficial to the economy, but forestry, farming, and fishing are also important. Bioko Island and the mainland offer rainforests filled with endangered primates and other wildlife, and the island of Corisco has well-preserved traditional cultures.

The Cuisine of Equatorial Guinea is influenced by native tribes, Spanish colonizers, and North African countries. Meat is more common here than elsewhere in West Africa, and includes chicken and fish as well as bush meat. Cassava, sweet potatoes, yams, chiles, and coconuts are frequently used ingredients. Try pepe soup, made of meat or fish boiled with hot peppers, salt, osang (African tea), fresh tomatoes, and messep (small tropical leaves that add flavor). Watch out for the palm wineÔÇöit can pack a strong punch!

Bioko Norte