Grenada is an island nation in a part of the Southeastern Caribbean actually called the Grenadines. This volcanic island chain is part of the British Commonwealth. It exports large amounts of mace and nutmeg. Ecotourism is a rising segment of the economy. Pink Gin Beach offers top-notch scenery, sand, and snorkeling. If you want to get ambitious, you can find serious hiking (along with not-so-serious) at Grand Etang National Park. See waterfalls, birds and lizards, or rainforest plant species there. Grenada's food distinctly shows an Indian influence, with curries, aloo (potato) baked in a pie, and tamarind sweets. The national dish, Oil Down (pronounced ile dung), has breadfruit, coconut milk, turmeric, dumplings, taro leaves, and salted meat such as codfish, smoked herring, or salt beef. You may be able to find vegan organic Caribbean, Indian, Ital, or American food. Most natural foods shops are in St. George's and St. John's. In this island environment, you can typically hoist a few along with your meal. Relax and enjoy!