Guinea is a West African country whose people speak French, Fula, Maninka, and Susu. Its highlands contain the sources of the Niger, Gambia, and Senegal Rivers. Bauxite, diamonds, and gold are big business, and so is agriculture. This is a country that has known poverty and significant governmental instability, but Guineans are proud of their nationality. Tourist infrastructure is on the minimal side, but the landscape can be amazing. There are isolated beaches, rainforests, and a real rarity, tropical dry forests. The Fouta Djalon Plateau has great waterfalls and hiking.

Fried plantain, boiled mango, and fried sweet potatoes are common sweet and starchy items. Rice preparation varies by region, but jollof rice is popular. Try fou fou, a pastry with okra sauce. Maafe is a groundnut stew that optionally contains meat like lamb, beef, or chicken, and konko├® is made from smoked fish. A ginger beer to wash your food down can really hit the spot!