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CATEGORY: Restaurants & Cafes, Food Stores & Markets


Restaurant Menu - pace


Minestrone Della Casa
homemade minestrone with pesto and parmigiano


Vellutata Del Giorno
homemade vegan puree soup ~ changes daily


Mixed Organic Baby Greens
apple, currants, walnuts and goat cheese with balsamic vinaigrette


Scampi Piccante
shrimp in a white bean, zucchini and fresh tomato stew


Cozze Al Vapore
prince edward island mussels, steamed with fresh tomatoes, thyme, shallots, garlic white wine and chili flakes


Insalata Vegetale
chopped vegetable salad with zucchini, squash, asparagus, tomato, garbanzo beans, kalamata olives, provolone, fresh mozzarella and organic greens with a red wine vinaigrette

Add Meat (turkey And Soppressata)

Insalata Cesare
hearts of romaine and belgian endive with pace’s famous cesar dressing

Add Chicken

Salmone Affumicato
home smoked salmon carpaccio with shaved fennel and extra virgin olive oil


Insalata Di Bietole
organic beets, roasted walnuts, feta cheese, avocado, baby mixed greens in a citrus vinagrette



Lasagna Della Casa
homemade lasagna made with homemade ragu, fresh mozzarella, parmigiano and bechamel sauce


Tagliatelle Con Piselli E Prosciutto
homemade tagliatelle, english peas, prosciutto, in a light white wine cream sauce


Spaghetti Alla Bolognese
with homemade meat sauce and fresh mozzarella


Ravioli D’aragosta, Cipollini E Basilico
homemade ravioli with lobster, cipollini onions and fresh basil in sweet corn and cayenne pepper oil sauce


Linguini Alle Vongole
manila clams, garlic, shallots, chili flakes and extra virgin olive oil

Add Shrimp

Rigatoni Alla Salsiccia & Peperoni Arrostiti
homemade sausage and roasted peppers in a vodka tomato cream sauce


Pennette Arrabbiata
in a spicy tomato sauce with fresh mozzarella and parmigiano


Tortellini Di Zucca E Ricotta
homemade roasted butternut squash & ricotta cheese tortellini with julienne mustard greens in a sage white wine cream sauce



Peace Pie
fresh tomatoes, tomato sauce, mozzarella and oregano


Mamma G’s
homemade pork sausage, tomato sauce and carmalized fennel


Aphrodite Pie
basil pesto, thinly sliced potatoes, chopped green beans and fresh mozzarella


Hercules’ Pie
pepperoni, soppressata, sausage, tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella


Neptune’s Pie
pace’s famous smoked salmon, chive creme fraiche, lemon juice and capers


Hera’s Pie
pesto, mushrooms, arugula, fresh tomato and fontina cheese


Zeus Pie
prosciutto di parma, flora bella farm arugula, fresh mozzarella



Pace’s Famous Cedar Wood Grilled Salmon
seasoned with shallots, fresh herbs, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil


Grass-fed Prime Dry-aged Ribeye
prime cut and seasoned with mediterranean sea salt on a bed of arugola


Braised Lamb Shank
served au jus


Uncle Wilfred’s Baby Back Ribs


Verona Burger
grilled prime beef with wisconsin cheddar


Pollo Al Legno
sautéed then cedar wood grilled organic chicken breast, finished in a light balsamic vinegar sauce


Sogliola Intera Di Dover Al Forno
oven roasted whole dover sole in pace’s organic extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, maldon sea salt



Sautéed Spinach

Green Beans

Roasted Root Vegetables

Braised Endive

Sautéed Kale

Potato Puree

Roasted Potatoes

White Beans

Brown Rice

Cheese Plate

Carozzi Gorgonzola Dolce

Taleggio Cremoso “la Baita”

Petit Basque

Gratte Paille


Pace’s Warm Chocolate Lava Cake
with whipped cream


Apple Crumble
with whipped cream


with valrhona chocolate and pecans


Vanilla Bean Crème Brulee


Hot Fudge Sundae
two scoops pazzo gelato vanilla bean gelato, homemade hot fudge, homemade whipped cream and toasted almonds


Assorted Cookie Plate
with whipped cream


Fresh Organic Mixed Berries
cheese plate


Vanilla Bean Gelato


Cheese Plate
omemade minestrone with pesto and parmigiane


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2100 Laurel Canyon Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

TODAY 5:30pm - 10:00pm

SUN 5:30pm - 10:00pm
MON 5:30pm - 10:00pm
TUE 5:30pm - 10:00pm
WED 5:30pm - 10:00pm
THU 5:30pm - 10:00pm
FRI 5:30pm - 11:00pm
SAT 5:30pm - 11:00pm