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Kozy Kitchen

Dallas, TX, USA



5 stars! I had a delicious vegetable plate. It was a generous portion of perfectly cooked vegetables of all kinds with risotto. They have GF bread and FABULOUS GF cake. I had the caramel cake. Excellent meal.

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Khepra's Raw Food Juice Bar

Washington, DC, USA



Vegan Oasis! If you work in or are visiting this part of DC & you're vegan --- Khepra's will save you! There's no other vegan restaurant nearby. I had the chef's almond burger and two sides including a scrumptious kale salad. The fresh juice drink (kale, watermelon, spinach and ginger) was a freebie & A+. Chef K's fresh raw vegan fare makes u feel light and energized. Bravo -- and thanks!!

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Sinful Treats

Palmdale, CA, USA



Organic-wise..Sinful Treats uses organic dairy base for the ice cream. All of the dairy, sugar, coffee, fruits, and nuts are organic. Everything is made with natural spring water and not tap which is a big plus.

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Greens and Proteins

Las Vegas, NV, USA



Not bad but all the pesticides of any restaurant

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Panago Pizza

Kamloops, Canada



Meh, it was cheaper for me to walk to save on foods and buy an Amy's brand pizza, which actually has an organic crust, and topping, as opposed to Panago pizza, who can only say one of their sauces is organic. IMHO, they are just green washing people to charge higher prices for the standard poison crap pizza hut offers.

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The Fruit and Berry Patch

Knoxville, TN, USA



This farm is in horrible condition. All of the orchards and berry patches are overgrown. It is clear that there is not much care taken of the farm. Beware: always ask up front for the specific prices. Although they said that I am the only person who hasn't asked, they have a "you pick, you buy" policy. When I found out that the cost of you pick was higher than if I had bought at a local store, I was stuck spending a small fortune on fruit. It would have been cheaper for me to buy from the vendor on the street than to have picked it myself. I have to question whether I am the only one who made this expensive mistake, given they have a policy in place and the gentleman was VERY aggressive about it. I would hate for someone else to fall into this trap.

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Fargo, ND, USA



Hardly any organic at all. Should not even be on this list. Natural Grocers in Fargo is an excellent, five star store.

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Govinda's Vegetarian Buffet

Eugene, OR, USA



The food was good but not great! The harikrishna pictures and books were a turn off as well

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Chilkoot Cafe

Stillwater, MN, USA



5 stars! We ate here with the grandsons. Great sandwiches! Sidewalk tables so easy to keep boys happy. We will definitely eat here again!

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Nutritious Alternatives

Augusta, GA, USA



Terrific vegan & soul food with alkaline water, essential oils, smoothies & hard to find organic products....

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