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Barrio Caf├®






CATEGORY: Restaurants & Cafes, Bed & Breakfasts, Catering

TAGS: Mexican

Restaurant Menu - barrio-cafe


Guacamole Barrio
world famous guacamole, prepared table side


Quesadilla Borracha
shrimp margarita and goat cheese quesadilla


Barrio Nachos
totopos topped with choice of beef, chicken or calabaza, saute of mushrooms, garlic, onions, jalapenos and spinach, bleu cheese, chorizo and mexican farmer's cheese


sweet corn topped with spicy aioli, parmesan cheese, tapatillo hot sauce, lime cilantro all in a cup


Aguacate & Camaron
half an avocado topped with spiced shrimp and a cucumber pico de gallo


Frito De Pescado And Camaron
shrimp and fish in a tecate beer batter, served with spicy fries and a rosarito aioli


Soups And Salads

Posole Verde
pork, hominy, tomatillo soup topped with cabbage, radish, oregano, onions and lime


Mango, Tomate And Camaron
tomatoes, three garlic shrimp, mango, avocado and a spicy vinaigrette


Ensalada Del Barrio
spinach, sweet and spicy vinaigrette, toasted pecans, queso fresco, roquefort, apples and toasted tomatoes

With Grilled Spiced Chicken

Caesar Salad
a tijuana original. served with spicy croutons and hardboiled egg

With Grilled Spiced Chicken


Hongos En Trufa
mushrooms, goat and oaxaca cheese, shallot cream sauce with white truffle oil


oaxaca and chevre cheese filled rolled tortillas in a savory cream reduction, topped with garlic shrimp scampi


chicken filled rolled tortillas in a savory tomatillo cream reduction, topped with oaxaca cheese

Add Chorizo

Tacos, Sandwiches And Burritos

Arizona Burrito
classic enchilada style burrito filled with pork green chile and oaxaca cheese, topped with tomatillo sauce and melted cheese


Tacos De Arrachera
grilled skirt steak


Tacos De Cochinita Pibil
slow roasted pork


Tacos De Pescado
tecate beer battered fish


Tacos De Camaron
tecate beer battered shrimp


Torta Cochinita Pibil
slow roasted pork


House Specialties

Cochinita Pibil
our famous slow roasted pork with achiote rojo and sour orange


Filete De Mi Tita
grilled filete mignon topped with a mexican crab-cake, a longaniza garnish and a red wine spicy reduction


Carne Asada A La Ricky
grilled skirt steak served with caramelized onions, green onions, mushrooms, jalapenos and garlic over a pile of spiced fries. all with a guacamole garnish


Pescado Veracruz
pan seared market fish topped with a saute on onion, tomato, capers, white wine, butter, garlic, black and green olives, two tiger shrimp

Pollo Poblano
pan seared spiced rubbed chicken breast with caramelized onions, roasted poblanos and chevre cheese all in a tomatillo sauce with a pinon garnish



Flan Di Mi Mami
traditional creme caramel with candied pecans


Churros Rellenos De Cajeta
goat's milk caramel stuffed fritters served with vanilla bean ice cream


Pastel De Chocolate
imported mexican chocolate and almond sauce on a chocolate cake filled with more sauce


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2814 N 16th St Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ