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Fuego Bistro






CATEGORY: Restaurants & Cafes, Catering


Restaurant Menu - fuego-bistro


Our Signature Empanadas
stuffed with ground beef, cheddar cheese, black bean, corn, peppers, onions, and roasted aneheim chilis served with a homemade chipotle bbq sauce


Vegetarian Tostadas - Qty 4
served with fresh guacamole, chipotle aioli sauce, organic corn salsa, sugar cured cabage, and jack cheese


Homemade Tortilla Soup
with natural chicken breast, black bean, homemade tortilla strips, corn, peppers and chipotle sour cream


Fuego Salad
mixed organic greens, homemade tortilla strips, organic black bean salsa, avocado, vidalia onion vinaigrette


Ancho Dusted Wild Salmon Croquette
made with bacon, onion, chipotle mashed potato, with lemon caper beurre blanc sauce


Jumbo Sauteed Prawns
in a tomatillo avocado sauce and a chipotle guajillo sauce with mango fruit chutney


Organic Spinach Salad
served witha bacon citrus vinaigrette dressing with goat cheese, red onion and house candied nuts


Green Lip New Zealand Mussels
sauteed in white wine, chile, garlic,bacon, tomatoes, and blue cheese with local herbs



Angus Griiied New York Strip Steak
rubbed in our ancho chili seasoning, served with a hot and sweet onion pepper relish


Natural Farm Chicken Breast
pounded, panko breaded in a sauce of tomatillo cream, goat cheese, bacon and tortilla pico de gallo


Our Signature Pernil Asado
slow roasted suceulent pork served with an orange habanero mojo and local corn tortillas


Cola And Pineapple Soy Braised Angus Short Rib Roast
served with a cripotle mango au jus


Tortilla And Panko Crusted Tilapia In A Guajillo Cream Sauce
with organic black bean and corn salsa


Fuego Pasta
no sides. penne pasta, chipotle cream sauce, black bean, natural chicken breast, corn, local chorizo, peppers, onion and homemade tortilla strips


Fuego Seafood Chile Relleno
a signature dish; scallop,shrimp, and mahi mahi stuffed in a jumbo pasilla pepper with a panko crust and a lobster chile cream sauce


Large Sauteed White Prawns
served with a grilled pinapple ginger habanero chutney garnished with pepper oil


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713 E Palo Verde Rd Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ