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The Breadfruit






CATEGORY: Restaurants & Cafes

TAGS: Locally Grown

Restaurant Menu - the-breadfruit-authentic-jamaican-grill

Small Plates

Cassava & Red Herring Pâté
pan fried cassava root, guava jelly, sharp white cheddar, smoked red herring


Appleton Rum Sea Scallops
diver scallops coated with Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum and jerk rub, seared in a cast iron skillet


Rum Glazed Prawns & Roti Flatbread
saltwater prawns sautéed with rum, feta goat cheese, over grilled roti


Smoked Marlin
house cured Marlin smoked over pimento wood, habanero goat cheese spread, crème fraiche, pickled red onion, toasted hard dough bread


Salt Fish Fritter
pan fried cured cod fish fritter, white yam and coconut dipping sauce


Plantain Avocado Spring Rolls
avocado and ripe plantain baked in a wanton wrap, mango chutney


Roasted Plantains & Chutney Dip
Sweet ripe plantains lightly sautéed, baked golden brown, mango chutney


Salads & Soup

Jerk Prawn Avocado Salad
grilled salt water prawns seasoned with jerk rub. spring mix, avocado, tomato, almond, pimento vinaigrette


Jerk Chicken Salad
jerked chicken tossed with mixed greens, seasonal farm veggies, house vinaigrette


Market Salad
mixed greens, tropical fruit, seasonal vegetables, seasonal dressing


The Saturday Evening Soup
chef's choice, combination of local and tropical ingredients


Fisherman' s Choice

Catch of the Day*
jet-fresh catch of the day, chef's choice preparation

Escovitch Fish & Festival
pan fried whole red snapper, escovitch sauce, festival bread


Pimento Wood Smoked Mussels
Mediterranean mussels smoked over pimento wood, sweet and spicy mango rum reduction, garlic bread


Red Stripe Curried Prawns
saltwater prawns simmered in Red Stripe beer, Blue Mountain curry, rice and peas, roasted vegetables, ripe plantain


Taste Of My Island

Jerk Pork Chop
thick cut pork chop marinated in jerk rub, grilled over pimento wood, green banana mash, sweet corn relish


Blue Mountain Curried Goat
slow braised goat, Blue Mountain curry, steamed basmati rice, roasted red bell pepper


West Indies Pork & Beans
salt cured pork tails slow cooked with red kidney beans, roasted carrot, steamed basmati rice


Jerk Chicken off the Grill
grilled chicken breast marinated in jerk rub, mango chutney, jerk sauce, rice and peas, roasted farm vegetables


Brown Stew Chicken
slow cooked chicken quarters in brown sauce, chayote squash, cassava mash, roasted carrots, cippolini onion


Jerk Pork & Polenta
pork shoulder marinated in rum, jerk rub, slow smoked over pimento wood, West Indies polenta


Coconut Curried Tofu
soya chunks marinated in Blue Mountain curry and coconut milk, rice and peas, roasted vegetable, ripe plantain


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108 E Pierce St Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ