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Introducing Premium Placement

We know that some restaurants just want to stand out from the crowd, have more website traffic, more click-throughs and be front and center high in the results for when organic foodies are searching for restaurants and places in their area.  For that, we offer Premium Placement to our restaurant listings which is a low-cost, big-impact targeted advertising tool for restaurants who want to show up number one in the results for their city or town! Also, Premium Placement is great for getting more traffic, more customers and continued marketing & branding impressions on a targeted choice website where people are looking for restaurants that have organic food on their menu!

Premium Placement in a Few Shorts Words is:

For every city results page (this is where your customers end up as a result of searching for restaurants serving organic food in a particular city), there are only 3 Premium Placement top spots available which display in the highest top area on that page and are larger, show bigger photos and gets the most possible visibility and the best part is that it's only $33 per month. So instead of spending hundreds of dollars on Search Engine marketing, spend just $33 with us and be in the number one spot for when people are looking for restaurants that have organic food on their menu in your city!

A Note About Not Waiting and getting Premium Placement Today:

With only 3 spots available per city, we encourage whoever is thinking about it to lock your listing in one of these only top 3 Premium Placement spots per city today or very soon!   Only because once these 3 spots are taken for your city, then nobody else can buy them and we don't want you to miss out!

Other Key Points to Consider:

  • We have the best most trump domain name for this industry which is =!

  • We are in this for the long-term and are the number one worldwide directory resource for restaurants serving organic food connecting people looking with restaurants that are offering!

  • Our Search Engine Presence and Visibility becomes greater each day as we focus on key creative Search Engine Optmization and Marketing techniques all directly benefiting you our Restuarant Owners. So please if you are thinking about maybe getting Premium Placement to your listing in the future, do it now as opposed to later before the only three spots are sold out! 

  • The owners of are passionate about eating organic food and are on a personal worldwide mission to be everyone’s go-to place for when consumers are looking for restaurants serving organic food no matter where they are in the world!

  • Consider the $33 cost. If that gives you just one customer or half of a customer per month and with all their repeat business as well as them bringing guests, future visits, all for that low $33 – it seems like a no-brainer.

  • We hear of restaurants spending hundreds of dollars if not thousands of dollars per month for online advertising on search engines and other places. Let us do marketing collectively for the organic restaurant industry directory online and leverage us to be able get low cost marketing for your restaurant. Let us work on marketing overall and continue to be and serve as the #1 worldwide resource for people looking for restaurants serving organic food and then use us at the low only $33 per month fee to win big for your restaurant or restaurants that serve organic food.

  • There are no contracts, no setup fees and everything is month-to-month. You can cancel anytime but we encourage our listing owners to hold their spot for their city and or surrounding cities as once any of the three spots open up, then other listing owners who may be on a waiting list can secure these spots.

  • First Impressions can last a while… Consider your future potential customer who searches on for your city and views all the results.  Don’t get lost in the shuffle and add Premium Placement to your listing today so that your listing is right there in one of the only top spots for when your prospects are searching in or around your city. 

  • Even consider adding Premium Placement to neighboring cities as well for when your prospects are searching in nearby cities and towns and probably wouldn’t mind driving a few extra minutes if they see your listing!  Might as well do this too as we have great savings for listings who add more than one city to their Premium Placement campaign.

  • Adding Premium Placement to your listing is a cinch and takes minutes or less. Or if you need a hand, give us a call or email anytime and we’ll be glad to help out!  

  • And one of the stickiest points to considering adding Premium Placement to your listing with us is that we are not going anywhere and day by day, month by month, year by year – is and or is becoming the world’s #1 directory resource for restaurants that have organic food on their menu so as more and more restaurant listings sign up and are entered with us, then those top 3 spots only that are available per city are going to be a hot ticket and you hopefully have the benefit of securing one of these three spots in your city today for your listing! What’s the worst that could happen? You’ll get more customers, more branding, more traffic and add more credibility by standing out more in your neighborhood being in the top spots on the most targeted worldwide website for people looking for restaurants serving organic food – and all this for only $33 with no contracts, no setup fees and no long term commitments!

The Next Steps to trying Premium Placement

If you are ready to sign up with Premium Placement simply go to “My Account” (once you are logged in) – then “My listings” and click “Add Premium Placement”!  Yes, it’s that easy!    If you haven’t claimed your listing yet, then first you must claim it (see Claiming Guide)– then once claimed, you’ll see your listing in “My Listings” and can add Premium Placement right away!

If you have any questions – please feel free to Call Us, Email Us or Submit a Note on our Contact page form as we love hearing from our restaurant owners and managers here at

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