Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is a small, fairly densely-populated country in the Eastern Caribbean. The official language is English but French and Saint Lucian Creole are also spoken. The terrain is very mountainous. There is a tropical climate, but the heat is moderated by tradewinds. Native animal species include the fearsome lancehead snake, the Saint Lucia Parrot (or Jacquot), and the insular single leaf bat. Mainstays of the economy include tourism, manufacturing, and foreign business and investment.

Anse Chastanet is a lovely beach that feels truly remote, and Smugglers Cove has diving opportunities for all levels of experience. For a real adventure, take a mountain bike tour, only actually through the jungle by the ruins of an old plantation.

Breadfruit, yams, plantains, and dumplings are popular starchy staples. Typical vegetables include celery, avocado, and peppers. Chicken and fish are commonly eaten. You can have plantains cooked with peanut butter and celery. Try Green Fig and Saltfish Pie, which also contains cheddar cheese and lime juice. Go for vegetarian Ital cuisine in Soufriere. Fresh coconut water is a typical beverage that can be refreshing after a meal, or any time of day.