Samoa is a South Pacific island nation. The official languages are Samoan and English. The terrain is volcanic, with coral reefs ringing the islands, and the climate is equatorial/monsoonal. Native animal species include the Samoan flycatcher bird, the wrasse fish, and the endangered Pacific sheath-tailed bat. Mainstays of the economy include industry and services, with agriculture in a pretty distant third place. Lumber is significant. See the Pulemelei Mound, a large, ancient pyramid that rises out of the jungle, or swim around natural formations like trenches and cave pools. The Robert Louis Stevenson Museum is at the author's former residence and is next to his tombstone. Taro and breadfruit are popular starchy staples. Some green vegetables and tomatoes are eaten. Pig and fish are important foods, as is seaweed. Palusami contains corned beef cooked inside taro leaves with coconut milk. Try half moon pies, fruity personal-sized desserts with fillings like pineapple. A delicious breakfast or snack is sweet buns you can dip in coconut milk. You can also fill up on lovely fresh fruit like papayas and bananas.