San Marino

San Marino is one of the smallest countries in Europe. Founded in the year 301, it is the oldest sovereign state and constitutional republic in the world. San Marino is totally surrounded by Italy, who provides military forces for it. The official language is Italian, and it shares a regional dialect called Romagnol with Italy. Its terrain is mountainous, and the climate is Mediterranean. There is a bit of biodiversity here. Native animal species include the cross fox, the least weasel, and the near-threated greater horseshoe bat. Mainstays of the economy include tourism, banking, and manufacturing. If you're up for some museuming, try the Museo di Stato's collection of art, historical artifacts, and more. There is also a trivia museum, known as Museo delle Curiosità! San Marino has some excellent historical structures, and you can check out some cool castles which are up to 1,000 years old. The Castello della Guaita is attached to an imposing, well-preserved medieval fortress that is well worth exploring. Bread and pasta are common starchy staples. Typical vegetables include tomatoes and mushrooms. Fish and chicken are commonly eaten. A typical baked bean dish contains cannellini beans, pancetta, honey, tomato sauce, and hot red pepper. Try an authentic San Marino pasta dish like campanelle alla vodka or strozzapreti. There are some famous desserts like Torta Titano, a layered dessert made with biscuit, hazelnuts, chocolate, cream, and coffee, inspired by San Marino's high peak Monte Titano. If you like, sample some distinctive liqueurs like the aniseed-flavoured Mistrà, the truffle-flavoured Tilus, or the herbal Duca di Gualdo.