Utah is a gorgeous state. Its natural sights are way more powerful than any drinks you can buy here, so go for a healthier natural buzz. Antelope Island State Park, on the largest island in the Great Salt Lake, has herds of American bison, burrowing owls, raptors, antelope, bighorn sheep, and deer. There are miles of hiking trails, and ranger-led hikes are a great option. When you visit Bryce Canyon National Park, a rightfully popular place, you may want to utilize shuttle bus services that operate during the high season. Enjoy amazing multi-colored rock formations set against thick pines. Zion Canyon also has a shuttle, a great scenic drive, and numerous hikes which give you many glimpses of astounding vistas. The Human History Museum provides good background info on the park, and is an appropriate place to begin your Zion experience. See Kanab's Angel Canyon, where movies and TV shows like The Lone Ranger were once filmed, and today there's one of the biggest animal rescue centers anywhere. Experience a bit of Mormon history by visiting homesteads like the one in Torrey's Fruita Historic District, where you can actually pick fruit-a off the trees-a without paying a cent! The great genealogical resources of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City are maintained by the Latter-Day Saints, who make them freely available as a public service. Beehive House is a place where Brigham Young lived with just one of his wives and families; take a required tour and learn about related historical and religious topics. It seems like references to terms like organic, locally-raised, vegetarian, and farm-to-table are dropped like a proverbial hat here in Utah. It's fitting that you can find so much clean, beautiful food in a like environment. There are plenty of beef and game dishes; you can try a buffalo wrap layered with onions, peppers, cheese, and spicy chipotle mayo. It's considered just an appetizer here, when it could probably be a main in your average U.S. state. Farm-to-table options in SLC include ricotta dumplings and pork belly salad plus a fully-stocked bar. At the Boulder Mountain Lodge, have Zen versions of Southwestern dishes with locally-raised meats and organically-grown produce from the owners' garden prepared by staff trained in mindfulness. Apparently there is decadence in simplicity, and you can have Chimayo-chile ginger cake with butterscotch sauce. Have some organic vegetable tarts as part of an excellent meal in Boulder. Organic breakfasts in Moab may feature blueberries and bacon, or eggs verde with brisket and slow-roasted salsa. Elsewhere, hit a big salad bar at certain chain restaurants, grab fast food noodles with tofu, eat a vegan gyro, get gluten-free Middle Eastern food, or make a tempting meal of vegan wiener wraps, tater tots, and beer. Omnivores and those on plant-based diets can all enjoy Thai meals including Thai tea made with coconut milk, red quinoa-stuffed portobello mushrooms and seasonal vegetables with or without goat cheese, and navajo tacos accompanied by cactus pear lemonade. On an exciting note, Sub Zero in Ogden, Provo, and numerous other locations provides ice cream and yogurt made to order and flash frozen with liquid nitrogen. You can choose between cream, yogurt, soy, or rice milk for the base of your custom confection!